A Systematic Approach for Improving What It's Like To Be You

Learn Steven Ravnstag’s exact system for achieving profound, sustainable, positive change in you life faster and more easily than most people have ever imagined is possible.


Become one of the few people in the world who is consciously and intentionally creating EXACTLY what you want in your life. 


Decontaminate your Mental Hard Drive and get rid of the Mental Viruses and Unconscious Programming that are keeping you from living life on your terms.

Personal Freedom

Discover the Ecstasy of Empowerment that comes with learning to consistently connect to your Inner Resources and consciously leverage the Full Force of Your Personality behind creating the internal experiences and external results you desire.

Hi, Steven Ravnstag here.

In 2014, just months before earning my Doctor of Chiropractic degree after several years of study and a tremendous financial investment, I realized that I didnā€™t want to spend the rest of my life as a chiropractor. This realization was more than intimidatingā€¦it was completely terrifying. I had just spent more than four years of my life and over $200,000 on a career only to discover a few months before graduating that I wanted to do something completely different with my life. Despite the fear and the long list of friends and family who thought I was completely crazy, I did something that I had never had the courage to do up to that point in my life: I shut out the noise, listened to my inner guidance, and went all in on my dream.


I’m telling you all of this personal stuff because it’s nice to know a bit about who you’re talking to, and also because it was actually a belief and a conviction about you (yes, you!) that led me to this crisis point of extreme chaos and amazing reorganization at a higher level.


See, when I decided to become a chiropractor it was because I wanted to help people.


Although I learned lot of wonderful ways to do that while in school, I also noticed the really life-changing results patients were achieving weren’t coming from changing their spines…the really amazing changes were coming from changing their minds.


Second, I just got tired of telling people what to do.


I started school because I wanted to help people be happier, healthier, and freer, but by the time I was done it seemed like all I was doing was giving people lists of things to feel bad about NOT doing.


I don’t want to spend our time together telling you what to do because it’s unnecessary, unproductive, inefficient, and frankly, I think it’s pretty insulting to both of us.


Life isn’t about giving orders, and it definitely isn’t about taking them.


The thing is, you have within yourself the ability to consciously and intentionally create the kinds of experiences and results YOU really want in your life.


Your mind is a neurological goldmine of largely untapped creative resources, and my Definite Major Purpose in this life is to help you access those resources and to show you powerful techniques for leveraging them in every area of your life that matters to you.


To this end, I have discovered and developed a collection of pattern-level, Psycho-Experiential Algorithms that, simply put, points your brain in the direction you want to go and then pulls the trigger.


Once you understand these formulas and spend some time mastering your own unique application of them, you can apply them to any area of your life experience and to create more of what you want and less of what you don’t.


This systematic approach to improving What It Is Like To Be You Works for your inner life, things like your values, your beliefs, your self-concept, how you feel, what you’re motivated to do (and what you aren’t) in ways that allow you to consciously engineer the experiences you want and need.


It also creates powerfully positive changes in your outer life, things like your relationships, your professional life, your finances, your social life, etc.


This is because all the stuff that is going on in your life that is outside your mind is flowing from what is going on inside it.


Once you realize how powerful your thoughts and feelings are, you can use these Experiential Technologies to deconstruct longstanding personal problems and then consciously engineer a new and perpetually improving experience of What It Is Like To Be You.


I serve motivated, independently-minded individuals who are committed to conscious living and serious about really, truly, actually having it all.


The only way to really (no bullshit) have it all is to figure out how to make your existence and way of being so valuable to the world that it is happy to compensate you for it.


Everybody wants things (feelings, experiences, personal traits, relationships, outcomes, goals, results), but not everybody is sincere about doing whatever they need to do to create, attract, and acquire those things.


I have discovered that it is possible to be hugely successful both personally and professionally by becoming more like yourself, not less, and by going all-in on Being you.


If you’re like most potentially great people, your upbringing, early life experiences, the culture at large, and societal expectations have attached a lot of shit that isn’t really yours to your thought patterns, self-concept, and experience of What It Is Like To Be You. 


To this I say, emphatically, “Fuck that”, and I cordially invite you to do the same.


My course and coaching defrags your brain and detoxifies your mind to remove these blocks, breaks, patterns, programs, and life scripts so you can rekindle your innate capacity for Conscious Choice, Autonomy, Spontaneity, Personal Power, and Freedom.


The world doesn’t need you to be the you that world wants you to be. 


The world needs the you that you become when you make conscious, autonomous choices about who you’re going to be.


I’ve developed a powerful, teachable, systematic approach that allows you to do exactly that.


Once you develop your awareness and start to get some distance between yourself and the life you’ve created so far, you can take a clear, honest look at it all, decide what you want to change, and then translate those desired changes into reality.


You Really Can Have It All.


Whatever it is that you’re wanting more of in your life, you can have it.


You deserve all of what this world has to offer, and if you’ve ever wondered whether there is an easier, more fun, more effective way of “doing you”, there is, and THIS IS IT.


You don’t need to be smarter.

You don’t need to try harder.

You don’t need to struggle more.

You don’t need to suffer more or deprive yourself or feel more bad feelings or do more things you don’t like.


Most importantly, you don’t need to be someone or some way other than you are.


What you need is a Systematic Approach to understanding, relating, and resourcefully responding to your experience.


You need simple, direct, “point-and-click” solutions for cultivating your capacity for conscious choice in the areas of life you want to improve.


Instead of a one-size-fits-all scripted template, you need the one-on-one mentorship, expertise, strategic guidance, and perspective that I can provide.


Together we can guide you towards taking full, conscious control of the incredible power of the Goal-Seeking Mechanism that is your brain.


Once you’ve got this incredible organ, the most complex structure in the known universe working for you instead of against you, you can use it to deliberately create everything you want instead of unintentionally creating a whole bunch of what you don’t.


Instead of telling you what to do, my system teaches you a powerful collection of techniques and a powerful, experience-shifting Systematic Approach to Thought which empowers you to consciously choose what and how to think and act based on a full awareness of the creative consequences that those thoughts and actions are going to bring.


This system shows you a way to discover that everything about What It Is Like To Be You is coming from you and from the often unconscious choices that you are making without even realizing it.


My course and mentorship programs are Psychedelic in the truest sense of the word: they get your mind right out in from of you so can you examine it, understand it, and learn how to use it to your ultimate advantage. 


So, enough about me and what I think you’re capable of.  If you feel that your evolution and expansion will benefit from this kind of system and mentorship, simply click the link to enroll now.

What Is The Ever Better Life Course?

10 Module Mind Mastery Immersion Course

10 Webinar Style, Deep Dive Video Lessons

10 In-Depth Course Notes & Implementation Guides

Ever Better Life Course Syllabus

Here's an Overview of How We'll Improve What It's Like To Be You:


  • The 7-Step Cycle you MUST master in order to Consciously and Intentionally create feelings, behaviors, and results that defy all limitations and exceed  all expectations.
  • Learn how to upgrade your Mental Operating System.
  • Discover how true and complete Self-Competence is the secret to Self-Confidence, and how Self-Confidence is the Master Key that will unlock the doors that lead to What You Want.
  • Learn the difference between Destructive Discontent with what you have and a Determined Desire to have, do, and be Better.
  • Rewire your brain and reprogram your Unconscious Mind to put creating the life you want on Optimized Autopilot.


  • Discover why putting your Focus First is the quickest, easiest, and only way to reliably create the life you want!
  • See how the Focus of your Conscious Mind is the Life Experiential Epicenter from which everything else about you life flows.
  • Learn why Mental Money is the single mot valuable resource you have, and discover how investing it wisely will allow you you create a life most people only dream of.
  • Thoughts are Things! Learn the deeper meaning of this truth and discover effective strategies for making each and every one of your 70,000 daily thoughts work for you instead of against you.


  • Learn how to program your Focus in a way that inputs the coordinates of What You Want into the Manifestation Machine of your Unconscious Mind.   
  • Learn about the two key aspects of Focus Mastery, and learn to coordinate them to produce a Perceptual/Mental/Emotional synergy which will turn you into the person you want to be.
  • Discover a comprehensive system for organizing, understanding, and resourcefully responding to What It Is Like To Be You that creates profound and permanent improvements in the quality and character of your experience as a Conscious Being.


  • Every External Effect has an Internal Cause! Learn to control these causes and you can produce any change in your Behavior that you desire or require!
  • Learn to spot the three elements of a Behavior and remember this simple formula that will make self-discipline obsolete and banish unresourceful Behavior from your life forever!
  • Learn an easy fix for those days when you “just aren’t feeling it” and be able to create all the motivation you need on demand!
  • Stop feeling guilty about "bad" Behavior and learn an easy approach to eliminating them from your life!


  • Get aquatinted with Success Principles to effortlessly excel in the “Success 101” areas of life (finances, health, relationships, etc.).
  • Discover the unseen forces which have caused you to attract and be attracted to the People, Situations, and Circumstances which make up your life, and learn how to use them to transform the Life You Have into the Life You Want.


  • Learn how you can intentionally cultivate an empowering Perception of What Is as a strategy for creating What Can Be.
  • Discover how Cognitive Filters shape your Perception and how Conscious Filtering is the gateway to The Practical Magic of Perceptual Alchemy.
  • Learn the strengths and weakness of the Conscious Mind, and how you can Focus the beam of your Conscious Awareness in directions that will serve you best.  
  • Learn about five of your most powerful Cognitive Filters, become Aware of the role they play in generating your Perception, and start Consciously Choosing the quality and character of the worldview with which you present yourself.


  • Ride the wave of Self-Mastery from Intellectual Understanding to Experiential Awareness and discover the Relaxed Power of A Mind Like Water.
  • Understand and optimize the intimate relationship between the physical structure of your brain, the dynamic activity we call “mind”, and the Life Experience that is produced as a result of the interplay between the two.  
  • Learn how changing your thinking changes your mind, how changing your mind changes your brain, and how changing your brain will change your life!
  • Become deliberate in leveraging the Principle of Neuroplasticity to teach an old dog new some impressive new Life Experience tricks.  


  • “Make haste slowly” and allow your journey of self-discovery, self-mastery, and self-unfoldment to unfold in a natural, organic, sustainable way that’s right for you.
  • Learn the relationship between physical and mental exercise and develop a customized training regimen to get your brain ready for the Life Experience triathlon of living the Ever Better Life. 
  • Discover the power of Conscious Intentionality, and learn how this amazing force may be the missing ingredient you need to start living the life you deserve today.


  • Unlock the Four Treasures of Conscious Living:  
  •  1) Complete Mastery of the quality, intensity, and duration of your Internal Experiences
  •  2) Unlimited Access to the Storehouse of Your Unique Personal Genius
  •  3) Access the Reality-Molding Power of Perceptual Alchemy 
  •  4) Learn how to activate the magnetic force of your mind to attract the things you want by becoming the version of your who has them.


  • Access and harness the incredible power within the relationship between Awareness, Personal Responsibility, and Conscious Choice. [This alone is worth the price of the entire course!!!]
  • Begin to explore, likely for the first time in your life, the full depth and breadth of your mind’s internal resources and creative power.  
  • Learn incantations for growth and potential that, when practiced, will make you a master of your mind, your life, and your world.

How Does It Work?

Steveā€™s approach leverages the power of ARC Therapy, tapping into you and your capacity for perpetual improvement by becoming Aware-> Responsible -> Conscious

Awareness is the ability to see yourself thinking, feeling, or doing something as you are doing it AND seeing the consequences of thinking, feeling, or doing in this way as those consequences are being made manifest in your experience of What It Is Like To Be You.

The Responsibility Experience is a byproduct of developing this Awareness. As you develop the ability to see both THAT you are creating everything about What It Is Like To Be You as well as exactly HOW you are creating it, you begin to experience yourself as completely, 100% responsible for everything about your life. This is a wonderful, exhilarating sensation that has been described as “The Ecstasy of Empowerment.”

When you Choose Consciously, you always choose what serves you, and your effectiveness as a people helper will be determined in large part by your skill in guiding your patients and clients through the process of cultivating this capacity.

Not a halfhearted compromise between who you wanted to be and who the world wants you to be, and not a compromise between who you are and who you want to be, but a complete, uncompromising, full expression of exactly who and what you desire to become.

When you are truly autonomous, you experience of being becomes en-lightened and you become free from those other-than-Conscious compulsions to conform to parental, societal, and cultural programming.

Tapping into this innate capacity for autonomy finally frees you from the pull of stereotyped, often unresourceful, automatic reactions and psychologically scripted, pre-programmed patterns of thinking, feeling, behaving and creating.

Autonomy activates within you a capacity for spontaneity, which is the ability to be as you are at a given moment in time, without having to adapt the reality of who you are to the arbitrary concept of who they think you should be.

This opens your eyes to the infinitely diverse variety of thoughts and feeling and behaviors of which you are capable and so that you can consciously choose for yourself what you want in your life experience.

This new, consciously chosen and deliberately cultivated personality is your Authentic Self.

A truly conscious and authentic person is a powerful person, and once you have learned to guide yourself through the attainment of this meaningfully defined state of autonomy, you find yourself in possession of immense personal power.

Personal power means the ability to create the changes you want in your internal experience and in your external reality.

It means that you are able to identify and create the kinds of experiences and results that you want to be included in What It Is Like To Be You.

This power and the ability that comes with it means freedom, and freedom is what it’s all about. Freedom at each level of your life experience is the essential ingredient for a life well lived.


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