The Language of Adaptation.

Your body is a survival and adaptation genius.

Learn how to trust your body by understanding the Germanic Healing Knowledge.

Understand the Natural Law & Innate Intelligence

Each week we will explore aspects of Natural Law and the innate healing wisdom of the body. We will unpack the 5 Biological Laws discovered by Dr. Hamer so you can use the knowledge to understand your psychobiological landscape. 

Learn The Language

There is power in the words we use and the ways we describe our health. Each week we will be learning new definitions and ways of describing the tissue adaptations formerly known as "disease". This weekly meeting will immerse you in a world that will make it easier to grasp the nuance and complexities of this framework.

Active Learning

One of the best ways to learn how your body works and how to resolve conflicts is through other people's experiences. Every week we will discuss adaptations and life situations group members are having and break down what is happening biologically and emotionally.


I'm so excited to meet you and for you to join in on this weekly conversation!

I've been passionate about all things health and wellness since 2007... this passion was amplified in 2017 when I came across the life-changing work of Dr. Hamer.

Your body is brilliant. All of the wisdom of the universe is being expressed through your biology.

Learning how to trust this wisdom will set you free from fear.

These classes will help you connect with your primal intuition and understand this knowledge at a soul level.


Weekly GHK Chats with Dr. Melissa

Mondays at 11am PDT

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