Are you struggling with anger about other people’s invasion of your personal or professional space?


Do you feel disrespected, disregarded, or pushed aside at work, in your home, or in your relationships?


Or perhaps you’re struggling with your identity... 


Unsure about who you are or afraid that who you are won’t be accepted by your friends, family, or the world?


Or maybe you’re feeling pressure to make a very difficult decision that will have significant consequences that will affect important areas of your life.

In it you’ll learn about Territorial Anger, Identity, and Decision Conflicts...


How they happen...


The feelings that tend to set them off...


And, most importantly, the mental and emotional “upgrades” you can make that will allow you to resolve and prevent them.


According to German New Medicine, these three types of Conflict can affect various portions of the gastrointestinal tract.


Everything from stomach ulcers to heartburn to pancreatic issues and gall stones can occur as a result of these Conflicts.

  • Why Territorial Anger and Identity Conflicts are classified together in GNM...and why this matters to you.
  • How you can use challenges that you’re currently facing as a means by which you can learn things about yourself and how your mind and body works.
  • The mindset that will allow you to reclaim your identity or reinvent yourself at any stage of life.
  • How you can use your mind to deconstruct the mental and emotional processes that create and sustain these and other Conflicts.
  • How you can build and maintain an internal environment of peace and harmony regardless of what others are doing and what is happening around you.
  • Why mastering the processes that creates What It’s Like To Be You matters more than the situations you’re facing...and how this mastery can be achieved.
  • The signs and symptoms of both the Conflict Active and the Healing Phases.
  • Why intense anger over a territorial issue is different than simply being bothered by it...and specific steps you can take to diffuse your anger and replace it with something more useful.
  • How you can examine your experience and determine what it’s really about...and how doing so allows you to unravel even the most tightly knotted Conflicts so you can enjoy more health and harmony in your life.
  • The situations that are likely to trigger a Territorial Anger Conflict in those who are susceptible to them...and how you can stop being one of those people.
  • Why physical territory violations aren’t the only or even the most important source of Territorial Anger Conflicts and what this means for preventing them.
  • How already being focused on getting ahead can make it easier to avoid getting caught up in getting angry or getting even when someone steps on your toes.
  • How habit acts as though it were law...and what you can do to overcome the force of habit to consciously choose your mental, emotional, and behavioral responses to life.
  • How you can create more useful feelings in response to other people’s bad behavior...without making it seem like what they did was okay.
  • How you can use the power of acceptance to change (rather than merely cope with) the undesirable situations that come up in life.
  • How Self-Observation can totally transform What It’s Like To Be You, providing you with the ability to think, feel, and act in new ways that’ll allow you to create more of what you want and less of what you don’t in life.
  • Why conscious choices are better choices...and how you can make more of your choices more consciously.
  • How responding resourcefully transforms both you as the responder and the thing to which you are responding.
  • The difference between reactions and responses and how the latter can solve the problems created by the former.
  • How being addicted to unresourceful reactions keeps you stuck in feelings and situations that you don’t like.
  • How Self-Observation can free you from the prison of unresourceful habits.
  • The two differences between reactions and responses.
  • How making conscious choices to respond resourcefully “rewires” your program and “reprogram” your mind to make doing what works easier and easier.
  • How you can engineer your inclinations so that you feel like doing things that will feel good to have done.
  • Why becoming a Resourceful Responder is one of the best ways to start enjoying your life now.
  • How becoming a Resourceful Responder can help prevent Conflicts.
  • Why learning to build a better experience of your current situation is actually the best way to change that situation for the better.
  • Why Identity Conflicts are connected to Territorial Conflicts.
  • How claiming your “Existential Space” can increase your ability to feel confident and secure in the world.
  • Why your body would make physical adaptions in response to a subjective Identity Conflict.
  • How where your “Sense of Self” comes from can influence your susceptibility to Identity Conflicts...and what you can do about it.
  • The two main types of Identity Conflicts...and ways that you can overcome and prevent both.
  • How you can deal effectively with situations in which other people or the world doesn’t seem to accept you and seems to want you to change.
  • How you can carve out a place of your own in existence...and have the confidence to let the world and other people adapt to the reality of who you are instead of the other way around.
  • How dampening your identity and filtering and censoring yourself for the benefit of others may be doing you (and them) unrecognized harm.
  • How go about establishing a new identity for yourself in the midst of changes in your inner and outer world.
  • How you can address any dysfunctional aspects of your relationship with yourself so that you’re free to let yourself be and to change in the ways that you want to because you want to.
  • Understand why you've had difficulties making decisions in the past and how you can become a confident decision maker.

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