Dear prospective Patron,

Ever Better Wellness Trust (EBW Trust) is pleased to invite you to become a Patron of our Private Based Organization.

This agreement (Affidavit of Knowing) is a private common law contract. By enrolling in any program or consulting relationship, you affirm that you are at least 18 years of age and a competent individual who is responsible and accountable for his/her actions.

You affirm that you have completely read, understand, and will abide by all terms and conditions of this agreement.

Upon signing, you are recognized as a Patron of Ever Better Wellness Trust.



EBW Trust Affidavit of Knowing Instructions

  1. Digitally signing this AoK constitutes a private common law contract with EBW Trust.
  2. Provide your country, state, full name, and signature.
  3. Please read and understand all terms & conditions of this contract.


AoK stands for Affidavit of Knowing. An affidavit is a written statement that is sworn to be true by the affiant (woman/man who signs it). It is an oath. Signing an AoK is just like swearing in court that you will tell the whole truth and that your word is your bond.

By digitally signing the EBW AoK, you are swearing that you are a competent individual who takes responsibility for their actions, will abide by the EBW terms and conditions, and comply with all conditions set forth in the agreement.

EBW Trust Organization

A Private Based Organization
An Unincorporated Religious Based and Charitable Society
Operating pursuant to and in the nature of private international law


EBW Trust (hereafter referred to as “Organization”) operates pursuant to “free will” and therefore connotes the freedom to contract unrestricted and unhampered by governmental interference. Organization and its patrons and/or its assigns both recognize that “consensus facit jus”, consent makes law or, in other words, your agreement gives force to the law form to which you agree.

It is the intent of this document to positively communicate to the intended patron, or client, that the subsequent contract service hereby provided is to be conducted outside, separate and apart from any State, or Federal, or International governmental structure, municipality, or subdivision therein, corporate or otherwise; commerce and that Organization is separate and apart from said structures.

Therefore, by signing and subscribing to this document where commercial benefits are accepted, being outside the governmental structure whereby human beings are unalienable, it is recognized that all women and men are created equal. This affidavit is drawn pursuant to the “Law of Nations'', which recognizes that no woman or man or entity can place another into involuntary bondage/servitude.

Patron, or Client, hereby formally agrees and contracts freely with the Organization.

The word “Client” indicates a lack of competence in reference to the subscriber and may be incorrect, whereas the term “Patron” indicates competence and support. A Patron of this Organization is a person honored as a special guardian and protector of the Organization. It is imperative that the patron understands that EBW Trust does not do business with the public.

It is the intent of this affidavit to positively convey that information to the prospective patron. Organization does business privately and does not include the public in its contracts.

Organization will only accept payment in substance accompanied with whatever other acceptable marketplace current legal tender is available.

Any disputes between the Organization and its patrons that cannot be resolved will be resolved by a binding arbitration by an independent arbitrator. The penalty for invoking police power of the State with the Organization outside of binding arbitration is termination of membership and all rights therein.

It is important for Patrons to understand these are the Terms and Conditions regarding patronage in the Organization. The undersigned (referred to herein as “Patron” guardian and protector) hereby acknowledges the following:

  1. Patron affirms that they are of sound and clear mind, at least 18 years of age, competent to enter into private contract, and will operate all interactions with the Organization with integrity.
  2. Patron acknowledges that services offered by the Organization support and facilitate the mental and spiritual growth and healing process and makes no claim to cure any disease or medical diagnosis.
  3. Patron desires to engage in teachings, practices, and communications related to forming a clearer, deeper understanding of the relationship between mental and physical health, the development of radical responsibility and empowerment, the cultivation of conscious awareness, and advanced levels of competence in the operation of one’s mind offered by the Organization.
  4. Patron understands that the Organization's materials will not be duplicated, disseminated, distributed, posted or otherwise transmitted online or in any other manner without the express, prior written approval of Organization. Any such unauthorized use of the materials will subject Patron to an action for common law copyright infringement.
  5. Patron acknowledges that extraordinary responsibility and empowerment, persistent and honest inquiry into the nature of one’s mental activity, experience, behavior and the relationship that exists between these things and the results that one is getting in one’s life, and a willingness to question and, if necessary, to set aside previously established assumptions and habits of thinking, feeling, behaving, and being are the foundation of the belief system espoused by the Organization.
  6. Patron acknowledges the possibility of mental, physical, and spiritual renewal, as well as their sole individual responsibility for using what they learn to bring these possibilities into being. Patron also acknowledges the deeply personal nature of each living man or woman’s process of becoming, being, and changing, and recognizes that no one can do for him or her what he or she must do for himself/herself.
  7. Patron acknowledges that he/she may be offered various holistic services, including but not limited to: life coaching, bio-logical wellness education, holistic lifestyle planning, breath-work, consciousness training, meditation, consulting, and awareness exercises.
  8. If Patron is unsure whether specific programs, practices, or exercises are suitable for his/her condition, Patron agrees to ask questions and consult his/her healthcare providers before choosing to participate.
  9. Patron agrees to take full personal responsibility for engaging in exercises, practices, his/her own decisions, actions, and results and to hold Organization harmless from any consequences that arises as a result of doing and/or not doing anything that is or is not discussed as part of Patron’s membership in Organization.
  10. Patron agree that audio and/or video footage of group coaching sessions featuring them may be used for subsequent educational purposes. Patron acknowledges that if they do not want their name or face featured it is their responsibility to change the name setting on their Zoom or equivalent video hosting account and to not appear on the video.
  11. Patron acknowledges that blaming, negativity, entitlement, fear-mongering, complaining, threats, violence, or political and/or ideologically-motivated criticisms are not welcome in this Organization and are basis for immediate removal from it. 
  12. Should misunderstandings ever arise, Patron agrees to communicate clearly, respectfully and honorably, and resolve any issue quickly and privately. Any disputes between Organization and its Patrons that cannot be resolved internally shall be resolved by binding arbitration with an independent arbitrator chosen by Organization.
  13. Patron agrees that his/her activities within the Organization are a private contractual matter and outside the jurisdiction of Statutory agencies (such as Local, State, or Federal agencies.) Invoking any external agency is a breach of contract and will result in termination of patronage and all rights therein. Patron agrees to keep his/her activities within Organization private.
  14. Patron acknowledges that he is operating as a private Patron, a living man or woman, an not as a public person or public representative.
  15. Patron acknowledges that he/she has carefully read this Affidavit of Knowing and that Patron fully understands and agrees with the terms and conditions hereof.

Thank you for honoring the mission of the Organization.

The consequences of failing to honor these terms and conditions may result in probationary action, binding arbitration, and/or termination of patronage and further contact with the Organization.

I affirm under penalty of perjury that this Affidavit is true and correct and do so in good faith so as to comply with the Law to the very best of my knowledge; and, WITHOUT MENTAL RESERVATION OR PURPOSE OF EVASION.