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In this course, we take a deep dive into “Feeling Soiled/Feeling Attacked Conflicts.”

This is the stuff that just makes you go “Eww!” and “Ouch!”
Do you often feel as though you’re being attacked by the words or criticism of others?
Do you find yourself constantly worried about or on guard against the next harsh word, snide remark, or accusation from your friends, coworkers, family members, children, or partner?
Is your fear of criticism and defensiveness causing you to become critical and socially repellent?
Are you starting to unconsciously and unintentionally do to others the very thing you hate to have done to do?
Is your fear of being attacked causing you to put up mental, emotional, and social walls that are depriving you of the contact and connections that you want?
Do you struggle to accept and embrace and respond to useful, well intended criticism in a constructive way?
Do past traumas and feelings of insecurity or inadequacy cause you to overreact to perceived slights and harmless comments?
Or perhaps your fear of criticism and of being attacked cause you to be a passive, submissive doormat that other people walk all over?
If you tend to struggle with these or similar issues, this is the course for you. 
Also, if you consider yourself a “germaphobe”...
If you have a tendency or become unhelpfully preoccupied with concerns about cleanliness...
Or if you feel that you’ve been somehow damaged or soiled by traumatic events that have occurred in your past history or that are ongoing aspects of your current situation...
This course contains mental technologies that will allow you to shift your habits of perception and experience that are tying you down, holding you back, keeping you stuck in a mental prison and preventing you from creating the life you desire and deserve.
This course will also help you if you:
Have difficulty staying calm during physical procedures like doctors visits, trips to the dentist, examinations, cosmetic procedures, etc...
Are insecure about some aspect of your appearance...
Or of you simply feel uncomfortable and not at home in your own skin.
According to German New Medicine, these and similar Conflicts are related to skin issues such as acne, boils, athlete’s foot, etc.
This course will provide you with powerful approaches to becoming Aware of, understanding, and deconstructing the patterns of thought and feeling that are associated with these Conflicts...
As well as equipping you with effective strategies for building new, more resourceful and enriching experiences in their place.

Here is just a sample of what you’ll learn in this course:

  • How your brain can be both the source of and solution to the most unpleasant aspects of What It’s Like To Be You.
  • How “generalizations” allow us to be super learners of both useful and not so useful things...and how you can aim your learning apparatus in the right direction.
  • How you can take control of your neurology and get your mind working for rather than against you.
  • The difference between physical and emotional sensations...and how the latter often determine whether the former are “okay” or not.
  • How you can make a conscious choice about what and how you’re going to feel by responding resourcefully to whatever it is that you are feeling.
  • How the generalizations your mind forms help to create your perception, your internal experiences, and the results you get in your life...
  • How you can use generalizations to make creating what you want as easy and automatic as whatever it is that you’re doing now.
  • How the common problem of “over-generalization” can limit your flexibility and choice and cause you to create the same unwanted results over and over again...and how you can break this cycle once and for all.
  • How outdated generalizations can cause you to feel bad when it isn’t necessary or useful to do so...and how you can update your unconscious patterns so that they’ll serve you better.
  • How you can improve your present and your future by taking control of how you are influenced by the experiences of your past.
  • How the way you think leading up to a surgery or other procedure can influence your actual experience.
  • How you can plan to create as relaxed and resourceful an experience of potentially traumatic events as possible.
  • How you can replace under and/or overreacting to other people with good feeling, resourceful responses that get you more of what you want and less of what you don’t.
  • How you can break the magic spell that allows “dirty” or “bad” words to force you to feel bad when you don’t really have to.

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