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Are you ready to take a deep dive into understanding how your mind works?

The October Class of Awareness School is the perfect opportunity for you to do just that! 

Through 10 weeks of intense learning and exploration, you will gain a greater understanding of the inner workings of your mind and how to use it to your advantage.

You will learn how to recognize and manage your thoughts and feelings, how to use Awareness to stay present and focused, and how to activate your hidden super power to create positive changes in your life.

You will also learn how to use the power of your mind to create the life you want and to become the ever better version of yourself.

This course is designed to help you become more aware of yourself and how you experience the world around you.

You will gain the skills and knowledge to create a life full of whatever you desire more of!

You will also gain the confidence of understanding where all your unresourceful thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are really coming from.

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of yourself and how you perceive the world around you.

Sign up for the October Class of Awareness School today and start your journey to self-discovery.

Class meetings will be held on Mondays at 5pm PDT.

The purpose of Awareness School is to provide you with the tools, skills, and perspectives you need to start making real, positive, permanent changes in your life…

While also keeping you plugged into the process with weekly group coaching sessions that help keep you motivated, engaged, excited about and focused on what you’re doing, why you’re doing it, and what comes next.

There are a couple of main obstacles that people usually encounter after investing in some kind of spiritual growth program...

Awareness School is designed to make overcoming each of these obstacles as easy as possible.

Have you ever bought a book, a program, or an online course…
Gotten really excited about what it was going to do for you…
And then, somewhere along the way, you just kind of wandered off course, stopped reading, forgot to do the work, etc?
We’ve done that, too!
The Ever Better Life Course is packed with tons of incredibly powerful material…
So much, in fact, that it can be overwhelming knowing where to start, how to make your way through it, etc.
 Another problem that people sometimes encounter when studying personal growth concepts is that, although they may agree with and understand the principles...

It isn't always exactly obvious how those principles apply to your specific life situations.

In Awareness School, you'll have the opportunity to learn exactly how the principles from EBLC can be applied to every day, real life situations...

And you’ll get to ask us any questions that come up for you along the way… While also getting to learn from the questions and challenges shared by others.

So, what exactly does Awareness School consist of?

  • Lifetime access to the massive Ever Better Life Course…

  • A 10 Module online study in the fundamental principles of mind mastery. 

    It is the fast track to improving What It’s Like To Be You… And it’s the course for taking your mind and your life off of autopilot so that you can finally begin to consciously and intentionally create the experiences and results that you want in life. 

     You can find out more of what it’s the Ever Better Life Course HERE

In addition to lifetime access to this powerful material…

  • You’ll also get 10 weeks of intensive group coaching in which Melissa and I will be doing deep dives into the course material and sharing with you our latest insights into how to really put this material to work in your life in incredibly transformational ways.

Teaching you the mental mechanics of applying these tools in the moment to moment reality of your life is what these meetings is all about.


You’ll also have the ability to email us directly with questions that you’d like to have covered in the group…

As well as an opportunity to work with us in real time, asking new questions and sharing new insights as they arise.

Not only will we guide you through the Ever Better Life Course

We’ll also craft our presentation of the material to match your present level of understanding, your personal history, and your current circumstances in order to engineer the kinds of “ah-ha!” moments that can otherwise sometimes take years to occur.

Understanding is something that already exists within you…

And you already have all of the internal resources you need to solve the problems and meet the challenges that you’re facing in life.

The trick is to figure out how to access and activate these resources…

And each person’s mind is like a safe that opens in response to a different combination.

Awareness School is about taking our unique skillset and personal experience and combining it with your unique mind to find that combination, unlock the safe, and let the best version of yourself out into your world.

A word of warning though...

This is not a passive process. 

You’ve got to be fully present and actively engaged in both the individual work and the group meetings…


And you have to be prepared to acknowledge and address any discomfort, challenges, blocks, etc. that may come up as you are doing this work.


 To get the most out of  Awareness School,
you must be willing to: 

To do the work of changing…

To allow the changes to take place within you…

To deal with the challenges the creating these changes give rise to in your life.  


We want to be totally honest and upfront with you:

This work is not for everybody.

This isn’t “pretend personal growth”…


This is the real thing.


If you want an above-average quality of life…

You have to be willing to perform at an above-average level in those areas that determine what the quality of your life will be.

Awareness School will teach you how to do that.

This will require some sacrifices on your part, however... 

The the investment of time and money required to enroll is the least of those sacrifices.


You will also very likely have to let go of a lot about your current concept of yourself…


And a lot of your understand of yourself, other people, and the world…


In order to become the version of yourself that you really want to be.


These things often function like anchors that bind you to your present level of thought, feeling, behaviour, results, and experience…


And no one can force you to release these anchors if you are not willing to.

If you're ready for change, though... Change is ready for you... And so are we.

Thank you for caring enough about yourself and about What It’s Like To Be You to have read this far…

And we hope to see you in school!


Steve and Melissa

Class Schedule

Meetings Will Be on Mondays at 5pm PDT

Module 1: Monday, October 16th

Module 2:Monday, October 23rd

Module 3: Monday, October 30th

Module 4: Monday, November 6th

Module 5: Monday, November 13th

Module 6: Monday, November 20th

Module 7:Monday, November 27th

Module 8: Monday, December 4th

Module 9: Monday, December11th

Module 10: Monday, December 18th

Please do your best to attend live, but recordings will be posted in the course portal to rewatch in case you need to miss.

If you are going to have to miss more than 3 live classes, we suggest waiting to join another class of Awareness School in the future.

You'll have access to the Telegram group right away which is where you'll get TONS of assistance between meetings.

3 Bonus Meetings: Dates To Be Determined


Once you enroll you will have access to the Beyond Belief Course (early bird only). You'll have access to Modules 1 and 2 of the course on October 1st!

Awareness School Students Share Their Experience...


Awareness School has been a beautiful, grounding, eye opening journey about what it’s like to be me. How incredible to zoom out and be able to suspend my usual pesky imploding judgments (not perfect at this). Each module builds and at just the right pace having time to process and integrate.  

Our weekly meetings (plus the bonus meetings) were a joy and truly a highlight of my week, with plenty of time to discuss preceding modules! Melissa and Steve over deliver! 

 I am leaving this experience full of incredible new tools (my default is high anxiety emergency drama queen) and how wonderful to now have the option and ability to neutralize the convincing stories, simply not engage and find a better use of my time...I am starting baby steps to enjoy what it’s like to be me. Forever grateful...



I wanted to share that this program has really changed my life. I’m so much more free in my day to day.

I gave myself permission to just be and that’s made me so much happier. Of course there’s been much evaluation and things going on behind the scenes, but again, like I expressed in one of our meetings, one day I just said, wow, can it be this simple? Can I just allow myself to be happy? Of course.

The other night when my husband and I had a little disagreement it was resolved quickly and after he even noticed how quickly I really moved past it. He came up to give me a kiss and said, you really love me again lol. Usually I give a cold, very cold shoulder for a while after a disagreement. I was able to analyze why I was feeling a certain way during the disagreement and in turn resolve it.

I’m very excited to keep implementing, practicing and listening to the modules.


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  • 10 weeks of intensive group coaching with Steve + Melissa ($10000 VALUE)
  • 3 Bonus Q & A Meetings ($3000 Value)

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Awareness School private Telegram group ($3000)

  • Lifetime access to the Ever Better Life Course: 10 Module online study in the fundamental principles of mind mastery ($3000 VALUE)
  • 10 weeks of intensive group coaching with Steve + Melissa ($10000 VALUE)
  • 3 Bonus Q & A Meetings ($3000 Value)