Do you often feel like you aren’t able or aren’t allowed to speak your mind?
Are you always biting your tongue and holding yourself back from defending yourself, speaking out, or saying what you feel needs to be said?
Have you ever been so angry at someone that toy just wanted to “chew them up and spit them out”?
Communicating our experience and sharing what’s on our mind and expressing what and how we feel is one of the most essential components of being human.
For many of us, though, early life experiences and/or ongoing life circumstances (in our home life, at work, and in our social circles) have led to patterns of reticence and repression that cause us to bottle up our thoughts and feelings in order to stay safe, avoid trouble, or not risk offending or upsetting others.
Just because we don’t express these feelings doesn’t mean they aren’t there, however, not giving a voice to habitual thoughts and emotions can have negative mental, emotional, and, according to German New Medicine, even physical consequences.
In this course, you’ll learn all about the different types of “Bite Conflicts” which, according to GNM, can affect the dentin and the enamel of the teeth, as well as the jaw bone and the muscles around it.
This can lead to dental cavities, issues with the TMJ, and pain in the jaw area.
These Conflicts occur when a person feels unable or not allowed to “bite back” when they are threatened, offended, attacked, or criticized.
They can also occur when you want to “snap” at someone or snatch something back that has been taken from you...
But you aren’t able to because you either feel too weak to do so or not allowed to because of who you are and/or because of who they are.
This course will teach you a smarter way to go about speaking your mind, having your say, and “settling the score”/getting even...
While also providing you with new ideas and perspectives that free you to let go of old hurts and grievances so that you can move on to bigger and better things.
Personal Freedom means having the ability to be willing and able and comfortable with expressing your experience...
While also being able to deconstruct, improve, and even transcend that experience workout saying a word...
If that’s what you want to do.
What if you could become bold enough to speak your mind...
AND mentally disciplined enough to change your mind?

Here’s just a sample of what you’re learn in this course:

  • The different types of Bite Conflicts, when and why they occur, and how you can resolve them.
  • What the desire to “snap” at someone or “bear your teeth” is all about...and how you can embrace and express this desire or simply dissolve it.
  • What the desire to “chew someone up and spit them out” is really made up...and how you can neutralize this feeling to avoid the negative consequences of either acting on it or bottling it up.
  • How you can respond to the feeling of being unable to “bite back”, retaliate, or seek revenge.
  • How, if you’re dead-set on “settling the score”, you can think about it in a way that will be maximally enjoyable and useful for you.
  • Why sometimes the best way to discover how unfulfilling revenge is is to allow yourself to pursue it with Awareness.
  • Why “If it’s worth thinking about, it’s worth thinking about in a way that...”
  • How you can convince even the angriest parts of you to let go of the desire for revenge and retaliation.
  • How you can walk away from revenge and forget “biting back” without feeling like you’re letting them off the hook.
  • How you can avoid painting yourself into a Conflict-causing “experiential corner” by changing how you think about what you “must” do and what you “can’t” do.
  • Why resisting evil is a bad idea...and how you can create the mental and emotional clarity to make sense out of doing something more useful.
  • How the old idea that “your enemies are in your own house” applies to Bite Conflicts...and how you can kick these internal enemies to the curb so that they stop creating problems and ruining your life.
  • How you can free yourself from situations you don’t like by studying your habitual reactions to them.
  • Why Personal Freedom is about the ability yield to your impulses...and the ability to transcend them.
  • How “super-natural” responses to what’s natural can transform what’s natural.
  • How mastering this key principle is the key to frictionless Self-Observation...and how you can convince yourself to “buy” it.
  • What happens when you train yourself to observe yourself doing what doesn’t serving you without Self-Condemnation or Self-Justification.
  • Why a desire for revenge can almost always be traced back to your making yourself small in your own eyes...and now enlarging your Self-Concept can help you to grow out of a desire to retaliate or hurt others even when you’re justified in doing so.
  • How a belief in “Second Causes” sets us up in opposition to others and to our world...and how embracing responsibility for our lives frees us from the pains of blaming others.
  • How you can identify and release Emotional Resistance to things in your inner and outer world.
  • The various forms that Emotional Resistance can take...and now you can respond resourcefully to each.
  • The Art Of Self-Observation...and how this one skill can transform your entire world.
  • Why revenge isn’t about getting’s about digging yourself deeper into the hole.
  • The relationship between Awareness, Mental Discipline, and an Awakened Imagination.
  • A “Magic Question” you can ask yourself to see through the limitations of your present State of Consciousness.
  • How giving yourself something better to think about is the secret to not thinking about what doesn’t serve you.

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