Beyond Belief

A Practical Guide to Conscious Believing 


The Naysayers

Replace those nagging unconscious beliefs that keep you stuck with brand new consciously cultivated beliefs of YOUR CHOICE. 

Become Your
Own Person

When you live a life directed by preprogrammed beliefs you never experience TRUE AUTHENTICITY. Real people believe specific beliefs on purpose, not by default.

Your Confidence

Most people aren't held back by lack of skills, but by their lack of belief in themselves and their ability to create and attract what they desire. 

Here's What You'll Learn

Did you know that what you Believe plays a critical role in creating your perception, your feelings, your behaviors, and the outcomes and results you produce in your career, your finances, your relationships, your health, and every other other of life that is important to you?

Are you aware of how your Beliefs about yourself, the world, and other people shape both your internal experiences and your external reality?

Have you heard about "Limiting Beliefs"?

Those are the sneaky negative Beliefs that causes you to create and attract a lot of what you don’t want while simultaneously messing up and missing out on opportunities to create and attract what you do.

In this world of infinite possibilities, it is not your worthiness or ability that is holding you back from creating the kind of life you desire and deserve, it is what you are Believing and then unconsciously and unintentionally doing to make those Beliefs come true in your experience.

If you've ever tried to change your Beliefs, you’re probably familiar with that frustrating feeling that something isn’t working or that you're not doing something right.

Trying to get a new Belief to really stick in your mind can feel like trying to get a dried up Post-It note to stick on the just isn’t happening.

In this 4 Module Mini-Course, I introduce you to a new way of thinking about, relating to, and consciously changing your Beliefs.

You’ll also learn several easy to understand, practical strategies that really, truly, actually work(!) for creating fundamental, lasting, and profoundly positive changes in the Beliefs that are giving rise to What It Is Like To Be You.

Changing Beliefs isn’t something you have to wait on and hope for. It is a process that you can begin today, right now, and this course will show you exactly how to do it.

Enroll now and let’s get started!

Course Overview

The Course Includes Course Notes, an Audio of the Notes, Video and Audio of the Lessons for Each Module, and an Implementation Guide.

Basics of Belief

In this module, I introduce you to a new way of thinking about, relating to, experiencing, and engaging with your Beliefs

Building Beliefs

In this module you’ll discover how creating small changes in a special category of Beliefs can make making big changes in what you Believe.

Changing Beliefs

In Module 3 we get into the nitty-gritty of your creative process. You'll learn  specific techniques that will create permanent positive changes in your Beliefs.

Power Beliefs

This module presents a collection of my personal favorite Power Beliefs that are guaranteed to make quantum positive improvements in What It Is Like To Be You.


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