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This Course Addresses the Big Questions:

How you as a human being (and perhaps a bit more than that) can create a life of happiness, peace, and success in a universe that sometimes seems to be filled with sadness, darkness, and failure...
And how you can transform your experience of diversity by embracing it and discovering the amazing power of anti-fragility.
Oh, in addition to these things, you’ll also be learning about MONEY and what you can do to have a more fulfillment and abundant relationship to it.
Although Existence Conflicts are usually presented along with the other “Water Retention Conflicts”...
The mental and emotional “stuff” associated with existence is so detailed and deeply engrained that it needed to be addressed on its own.
Are you struggling to come to terms with existence itself?
Existential Conflicts occur when you’re unsure about your place in the world, your life, or the universe as a whole.
Many people spend their entire life unsure about, uncomfortable with, and weirded out by existence itself...
And their inability to come to terms with the nature of existence often prevents them from enjoying and improving it.

Do you fear death?

Is your fear of death crippling you and preventing you from fully living your life?
Is it possible that your fear of and aversion to death is actually making you mentally, emotionally, and even physically sick?
Are you free to be as you are and to be emotionally okay for it?
If you desire to change who and what you are...

Are you free to do that?

Have you spend your life operating in the “existential red”...
Feeling like you’re “Not Okay” or obligated to live up to someone else’s expectations?
Does your entire life revolve around trying to please or appease forces that exist outside yourself?
Are you a slave to the past, the present, or the future?
Is your attachment to What Is preventing you from seeing, feeling, and creating What Can Be?
More than perhaps any other Resolve Course, this is about Personal Freedom.
Not just anybody’s Personal Freedom...
YOUR Personal Freedom.
When you come to terms with the basic reality of existence, you free yourself to play with, embrace, and enjoy both sides of the existential coin.
This is the key to fearing nothing, needing nothing, and having everything.
Life really is the adventure of a lifetime...
And this is your guide to making it a life well lived and an adventure to remember.

In this Course, Youโ€™re Going to Learn:

  • Why the solution to the problem of “human problems” has to be solved at a level above that at which the problems take place...and how you can ascend to and dwell in this level.
  • Why people struggle for so long with the same basic problems.
  • How a little bit of a new kind of thinking can unlock solutions that no amount of the same old thinking could ever access.
  • Why the biggest problems in life aren’t necessarily the problems of life, what they really are, and how you can “solve” them.
  • How letting go of some of your most basic ideas and assumptions your existence can allow you to transcend those problems that can’t be solved.
  • How the so-called problems of life (death, sickness, want, scarcity, etc.) are actually life’s greatest invitations and opportunities.

  • How you can “pierce the veil” to see through what seems to be in order to see to what truly is.
  • The secret to “escaping the matrix”...and how you can enjoy life’s illusions without falling victim to them.
  • Why ascending to a higher level of consciousness, a broader perspective and a deeper experience can feel a little weird at first...and why you should definitely go head and do it anyway.
  • How seeing through your ideas, assumptions, and paradigms can free you to be “in the world but not of it.”
  • How you can transcend the limitations of your brain and mind by pushing yourself to and through them.
  • Why the most profoundly spiritual insights and experiences always have a powerfully practical takeaway...and how you can identify and adopt these takeaways to lead a happier, more fulfilling life.
  • How you can streamline and optimize your “existential journey” without compromising the lessons and learnings that this journey is meant to teach you.
  • Why balancing the competing principles of simplicity and comprehensiveness is the key to forming an effective and enriching spiritual outlook.
  • “The One Energy Of All And Everything”...and how you’re a part of it!
  • The Principle Of Polarity...or why everything in life seems to be bound to and dependent upon its opposite.
  • How explicit opposition is actually implicit harmony...and how you can embrace the tension and friction and suffering that is sometimes a part of existence.
  • How life is like a play and “The You You Experience Yourself To Be” is a character in it.

  • How you can identify and transcend and change the “roles” you play in life without making these roles any less meaningful and fulfilling.
  • Why your true role in this life is as the conscious chooser of your roles you will play in this life.
  • How your life is basically a virtual reality game that you forgot you were playing...and how you can “wake up” to play the game better while enjoying it more.
  • How you can free yourself from the force of habit and cultivate your capacity for spontaneous authenticity.
  • What you can do to rid yourself of that lingering anxiety that lurks in the back of your mind that, somehow, you might not be “okay” or “enough.”
  • How you can bridge the gap between “The You You Experience Yourself To Be” and “The Whole Whole Of Who You Really Are.”
  • Your Self-Concept: what it is, how it affects your life, and what you can do to change or transform it.
  • The various levels of life...and how behind all of the apparent chaos and upheaval and change is a constant and unending pattern of “Okayness” unfolding and repeating itself.
  • The difference between the Conceiver and his Conceptions...and how you are always being both at once.
  • What your “Awareness of Being” is...and why it matters more than who or what or where or when you are Aware of Being at a given moment in time.
  • How you can always shed any Concepts of Self that oppress you and retreat to the comfort and power and security and freedom of your true identity as the Conceiver.
  • Why learning to notice the background and to pay attention to what is easily overlooked is the key to training yourself to know and feel who and what you really are.
  • How you can walk to the “edge of reality” to discover experientially the source of What It’s Like To Be You.
  • Why, if you’re really a part of the universe, you may spend so much time feeling separate and vulnerable and alone.
  • How your mind (and how you use it) gets in the way of experiencing reality directly.

  • The role that surprises play in the universe...and why the potential of bad surprises are essential for the potential of good ones.
  • Why what you don’t want is an essential part of the “game of life”...and how embracing this fact can free you from suffering over it.
  • How “The You You Experience Yourself To Be” is possible because “The Whole Whole Of Who You Are” allows itself to forget who and what it really is.
  • The relationship between all the different lives that people lead and the countless movies that different people watch and enjoy.
  • The relationship between re-membering and dis-membering.
  • How you can understand and apply the psychological and mystical insights of the great teachers of various human traditions in your own life.
  • Why it can be hard to really grasp the most profound spiritual principles...and what this means about you (hint: it’s probably not what you think!)
  • How the structure of the brain mirrors the dual nature of existence...and what this implies about how you can play the game of life successfully.
  • Why our neurology sets us up to miss half of existence...and how you can learn to sense what isn’t directly sensible.
  • Why Existence Conflicts are basically the consequence of attempting to “disown” half of reality...and now you can reconcile with reality and, in so doing, with yourself.
  • How this Dr. Phil quote (yes, that’s right: THAT Dr. Phil!) is so good that no discussion of cosmic oneness is complete without it.

  • Why we’re instinctively creeped out by death, darkness, and “The Off” side of things...and how embracing the “dark side” lets in more light.
  • How making friends with “death”, the ultimate “off”, is the secret to living and loving more freely and fully.
  • The metaphysical “point” of being a physical being...and how understanding this can make it possible to enjoy life more while suffering less.
  • How forgiveness of “What Is” is what allows “What Can Be.”
  • How learning to transcend “the world of the mind can allow you to operate more effectively within it.
  • The real source of personal suffering...and how you can release it.
  • How money is just a mirror...and how you can get it to reflect what you want to $ee.
  • How unconscious agendas can cause us to struggle in life...and how you can release these agendas and live life on your own terms.
  • Why hard work often isn’t enough to get you the money you want.
  • The relationship between your Self-Concept and your ability to make money.
  • Three reasons that you can transcend your current Self-Concept...regardless of what this concept is.
  • Why people have so much “stuff” around the subject of money.
  • How the secret to dropping money patterns that don’t work is building new patterns that work better.
  • How embracing the obstacle is often the key to overcoming it.

  • How you can become more effective and efficient and enjoy life more by mentally transforming your “problems” into projects.
  • The redemptive capacity of imagination...and what a psychological interpretation of the Bible can teach us about creating what we want.
  • Anti-Fragility...and how you can transform your experience of adversity by realizing how you benefit from it.
  • How to make your Self-Concept compatible with financial abundance.

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