This Course is All About Resolving Conflicts Related to “Indigestible Morsels.”

These are the life events and situations that you just “can’t stomach”.
Are you upset about having missed out on a great opportunity?
Do you feel like you “missed the boat/train/bus” with regard to something that was very important to you?
Or perhaps something happened or didn’t happen that you’re having trouble “digesting”, processing, and moving past?
Maybe you’re struggling to accept something that has happened to you or someone you care about...
Or maybe you’re furious about insults, criticism, or accusations that have been made about you.
Do you struggle with uncontrollable anger?
Are you having a hard time getting past a senseless or unacceptable thing that happened or that was done to you?
This course is designed to help you deal with the “experiential constipation” that occurs when you just can’t break down and eliminate the “emotional waste” created by challenging life circumstances so you can get it out of your system and move on to other things.
In addition to practical principles with dealing with some of the most common triggers of Indigestible Morsel Conflicts...
You’ll also learn a lot about how you can consciously and intentionally create shifts in your perception and experience of events so that you can begin to heal and live more fully regardless of how the situation turns out.
By finding the right balance of inner and outer action...
And by training yourself to respond resourcefully to the events of life at every level of your being...
You’ll be able to “digest” anything that life throws at you without getting so upset that you make yourself mentally, emotionally, and physically sick when these things happen.

Here’s some of what you’ll learn in this course:

  • The relationship between experiential and physical digestion.
  • Why, according to GNM, missing out on a metaphorical “morsel” can cause changes and unpleasant symptoms in your physical body.
  • The different types of “Morsel Conflicts” that are possible, how you can resolve each, and how you can avoid them in the future.
  • They keys to being able to “digest” even the most challenging life experiences so that you can grow from and thrive after them.
  • How the effect that a given “morsel” has on you depends largely upon how healthy your experiential digestion system is...and now you can develop an emotional “iron stomach.”
  • How problems with experiential digestion can ruin your appetite for even positive life experiences...and how you can get this appetite back if you’ve lost it.
  • The magic of simply doing something about the things that are on your mind.
  • How underestimating what you’re worthy and capable of can inhibit your ability to respond resourcefully to the happenings of life.
  • The “Three Evil I’s” that keep you from doing the things you desire and deserve to do.
  • How training your mind can also train your body.

  • How to give yourself whatever grace and forgiveness is necessary for you to change in ways that improve What It’s Like To Be You.
  • The difference between “problems” and “projects”...and what it means for your ability to have more fun and fulfillment both in the moment and over time.
  • Why people tend to be passive with regard to things that matter to them...and how to engage more fully with what’s important to you.
  • The relationship between compassion, understanding, and determination...and how you can use these states to bridge the gap between What Is and What Can Be.
  • What it means to see the world as we are...and how we can begin to see the world as we would like it to be.
  • How you can change your reactions to and results in life.
  • How you can develop more control over your internal experiences of what’s going on in your world.
  • The keys to becoming a prodigy when it comes to “playing” the divine instrument that is your mind.
  • How you can begin to discover the dense concentration of potential that exists within you...and now you can relax your way into expressing it more fully and pleasingly.
  • What it means for a morsel to be “indigestible”...and how it has as much to do with the digester as with the thing being digested.
  • How you can take control of your personal history by building new experiences of that history in the here and now.
  • How ideas function as “experiential enzymes” that can help you break down and digest even the most challenging aspects of your personal history.
  • The difference between conscious and unconscious mastery...and how you can develop both so that you respond resourcefully whether you’re “firing on all cylinders” or not.
  • How to experience and respond to anger more resourcefully.
  • The problem with anger...and how you can get around it to make anger a more useful and less harmful emotion in your life.
  • How you can learn to consciously influence the intensity of your anger.
  • How smart people respond to realizing that they’re doing something stupid...and how learning this trick will allow you to experience yourself as being as intelligent as you are.
  • What to do when you feel incapable or unwilling to accept that something has happened.
  • How you can using meaning to accept the unacceptable.
  • The purpose and meaning of acceptance...what it is, what it isn’t, and what it can do for you.
  • What to do when you feel unable to make sense of something that’s happening in your life...and how you can heal and move on regardless of whether it makes sense or not.
  • How to deal with unfair accusations, insults, and criticism.
  • How this one principle from the great Napoleon Hill can totally change your experience of adversity and injustice.
  • How to handle it when something ugly or nasty happens or is done in your life.

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