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Your brain (and therefore your experience) is capable of changing in the most profoundly positive ways.
Unfortunately, it’s also capable of not changing at all.
Although your potential for feeling better, thinking more usefully, and behaving in new, more rewarding ways is practically limitless...
There is no guarantee that your “default settings” and existing habits are going to allow this potential to be expressed.
  1. You’re interested in learning the GNM perspective on the causes of and solutions to most musculoskeletal-based pain in the head and neck (Hint: It’s probably NOT what you expect!
  2. You've experienced traumas or struggle with painful patterns of insecurity and self- sabotage related to feeling
    • Like a bad or immoral person
    • Stupid, not smart enough, or otherwise intellectually inadequate
    • Like the victim of a terrible past or present injustice that is controlling and ruining your life
    • That you are fundamentally inadequate, broken, damaged goods, not good enough, or just very “Not Okay.”
This course builds on what you learned in the Self-Devaluation Basics Module to take you deeper into the process of further along the path of resolving some of the most common and crippling forms of Self-Devaluation.
In this Module you’ll learn about the root causes of and powerful solutions to Moral, Intellectual, and Injustice-based mental, emotional, and physical pain and suffering.
According to GNM, this “family” of conflict types affects the muscles, connective tissue, and bones of the head and neck area.
In addition to the immense personal suffering that feeling morally ruined, Intellectual then inferior, disempowered and immobilized by injustice, and existentially Not Okay can create...
These experiences may also be sending a biological message to your body that can result in unnecessary and painful changes to the tissues of your head and neck.
This is because, according to GNM, your body is constantly listening and responding to your subjective emotional experiences...
Often even when we ourselves are not aware of them.
and it does it’s best to adapt to what it believes your experiences are saying about your environment and what it needs to do to help you stay safe and survive within it.
Aside from the possible physical consequences of living with or being at risk of these types of conflicts, this Module provides you with a very practical and immensely powerful mental and experiential technology for solving the very real problem of personal suffering that these types of negative experiences can create.
The truth is that just because you’ve suffered emotional pain in the past or are experiencing it in the present...
This doesn’t mean you have to keep suffering into the future forever.
It it possible to change both what and how you think and feel and behave...
And by doing this you can begin to rework your reality into the image of your ideal.
Your relationship to your experience and your life is about transcendence and transformation, not settling and suffering.
You can use the thing you learn in this Module to unravel years of mental, emotional, and even physical pain related to the conflicts listed above.
More importantly, as you gain the knowledge and personal experience that comes with the practicals application of these principles, you’ll begin to gain a newfound appreciation for who you really are, what you’re capable of, and how wonderful your life can be.

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