Did you know that studies suggest that 6 out of 10 couples are unhappy in their relationship?

This number is especially troubling given that it likely reflects only those who are struggling with specific, overt problems that interfere with their peace and productivity and enjoyment...
Without reflecting the many people who have settled into coping with a certain level of mediocrity when it comes to their relationship, their partner, and their life in general.
This course bundle is all about relationships, but it’s not what you probably think:

This Course is NOT

This Course IS

It isn’t a magical cure for the issues and difficulties that can arise between two people who are living together...
It isn’t an instructional manual or to-do list from people who think they’ve got it all figured out...
It isn’t a list of the “right way” to act in a relationship or a collection of things that we think you (and everybody else) “should” do.
This course is a new understanding of what most relationship problems are actually made of...
And a collection of practical ideas, techniques, and strategies that we have found very useful for addressing the hitches, catches, potholes, and challenges that can arise when imperfect people are doing their best to get better as individuals...together.
This is a way of thinking and acting (and thinking about thinking and acting) that serves to simultaneously cultivate more independence within each individual in a relationship while also allowing for more intimacy between those individuals.
What you’ll learn doesn’t just apply to your romantic relationships, either...
We’ll also explore practical solutions to the most common problems that arise between:
  • Mothers and their Children.
  • Children and their Parents.
  • You and your Friend Group, Professional, and Social Circles.
Relationships are like just about everything else in this universe:
There isn’t necessarily one right way to go about building and maintaining them...
Rather there is an infinite range of options and possibilities, some of which tend to work better for creating the kinds of experiences and results that most people in a relationship tend to want...
And many of which don’t work very well at all and that tend to create a whole lot of what neither person wants.
Not everyone wants to create the same things in and get the same things out of their relationships...
But there are some big picture principles that are essential for virtually any couple when it comes to creating clarity and understanding within and between the individuals involved.
Whatever it is that you want and don’t have...
And whatever it is that you have and don’t want...
Understanding and applying these principles in your relationships is guaranteed to help improve What It’s Like To Be You.

Here’s a brief overview of what you’ll learn in this Course Bundle:

  • A uniquely practical individualistic approach to improving your relationship with yourself, with your romantic partner, and with those you care about.
  • Why the best way to improve a relationship is often to improve the personal experiences of the individuals in it...and how to make these improvements happen.
  • How nothing about your current relationship dynamics are “just happening.”
  • How you can identify and adopt new strategies for engaging with your partner and your relationship that will enable you to create more of want you want and less of want you don’t.
  • Why direct efforts to change your partner’s behavior rarely work...and a far easier and more effective strategy you can use instead.
  • How many people’s ability to not see what they’re doing makes it possible for them to create, perpetuate, and exacerbate relationship problems...
  • How being distracted by the consequences of dysfunctional patterns can distract us from the causes...
  • How to look “behind the curtain” of your current relationships to see the hidden forces that are really powering your current relationship dynamic.
  • Questions you can ask yourself to increase Self-Awareness, create clarity, and give you access to new, more resourceful and better feeling choices.
  • A guilt-free strategy to discover the ways you may be unconsciously and unintentionally perpetuating dysfunctional relationship dynamics...and what you can do to change this.
  • How unseen patterns that affect interactions with your partner in subtle ways may be contributing to major flair ups of drama and discord.
  • How the thoughts that you think about yourself and your partner accumulate over time and express themselves in seemingly unrelated situations and contexts.
  • Why much of your perception and experience of your partner may have more to do with you and your habits than it does with them and theirs.
  • Why getting stuck in the “When I’m Up, You’re Down” cycle can stall your progress as a couple and as individuals...and how you can escape it.
  • How clarifying and optimizing the role that your relationships play in your life can solve a lot of seemingly unsolvable relationship problems.
  • How the assumption that successful relationships never end may keep you stuck in places that you don’t want to be and how you can redefine relationship success for more happiness and more freedom.
  • How you can free yourself the illusion that they’re the reason that you aren’t happier, more successful, etc. so that you can take your power back.
  • The 7 Patterns For Relationship Success that Steve and Melissa have used to turn their relationship from an up and down drama-fest to a consistently wonderful and mutually enriching experience.
  • Why adopting a “No Fault Policy” can make it easier for you and your partner to immediately acknowledge when you recognize you’ve been off base without fear that this acknowledgement will be used against you.
  • How a tendency of “collect” grievances and resentments to be “submitted” at a later time is a toxic habit that maximizes bad feelings while minimizing the potential for positive change.
  • Why many couples treat each other as rivals and now getting on the same team can help you both win more of the time.
  • How treating your relationship like an arms race of faults and offensives can ruin your chances of being happy, even when you feel like you’re doing your best to make things work.
  • Why couples are often willing to have a fight without being determining to finished it...and how you can get the most out of any misunderstanding by insisting that new understandings are derived from it.
  • How fights are like a “murder” of your relationship harmony and what keeping your harmony safe requires maintaining a high “solve rate.”
  • Why creating a “shared reality” is essential for understanding one another well enough to be able to have real conversations...and how you can build one.
  • Everybody knows that it’s a good idea to value being happy over being right in your relationship...here’s a way that you can actually train yourself to do that.
  • How not having time to fight is actually one of the best strategies to have fewer rights.
  • Why having unspoken rules in your relationships isn’t a good idea...and what you can do instead.
  • Now you and your partner can develop flexible heuristics rather than rigid rules to guide your interactions with one another towards outcomes that are acceptable and enjoyable by both of you.
  • How you can communicate your experience to your partner without blaming them for it.
  • Adopting a Zero-Tolerance Policy for bullshit...from your partner and from yourself.
  • How lowering your threshold for responding to feedback can save you a lot of trouble.
  • How you can develop a optimization rather than a triage approach to handling relationship issues.
  • Why the decision to be together isn’t something that you made...it’s something that you’re making from one day and from one moment to the next.
  • How to avoid ending up together by accident...and how to take conscious control of your life and your destiny both in your relationship and beyond.
  • The biological factors that can predispose mothers to struggle to enjoy a maximally resourceful and enriching relationship to and with their children.
  • How our Concepts about the Roles we’re supposed to play in the lives of those we love can get in the way of dealing usefully with the Reality of our relationship with them.
  • The difference between the Content of a relationship and the Patterns that underly and give rise to it.
  • The difference between what relationship tension is “about”...and what it’s ABOUT.
  • How an individual’s psychological “stuff” can infiltrate and contaminate their behavior as a parent...and now seeing through these patterns allows you to be a better parent and a freer person.
  • How you can successfully navigate the often trough and “gamey” relationship dynamics that often exists between adult children and their parents.
  • How you can create an experience of 100% responsibility for your experience of your parents and their behavior...and why you might be interested in doing this.
  • Why learning to interact with your parents as individuals can allow you to transcend the limitations and tensions and “stuff” that is sometimes associated with the roles of parent and child.
  • Why improving What It’s Like To Be You is the best thing you can do for your relationships.
  • The Drama Triangle...what it is, why it’s so destructive, and now you can escape it with or without the cooperation of others.
  • How you can protect yourself against Self-Devaluations related to your romantic relationships.
  • How you can break the habit of hurting yourself by taking other people’s behavior personally.

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