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This Course is an Extensive Exploration of the Causes of and Solutions to Central Self-Devaluation Conflicts.

These Conflicts are caused by events that leave you feeling utterly shattered and broken as a person.
Common causes of a Central Self-Devaluation Conflicts include:
Experiences of intense humiliation...
Feeling debased or degraded by the behavior of others...
Having been assaulted, harassed, or victimized...
Feeling betrayed, lied to, or stabbed in the back...
Having your “back broken” the a financial, professional, or family loss...
Feeling unsupported by your spouse, family, social group, god, or the universe...
Your posture or the physical appearance of your body criticized or ridiculed.
Because these Conflicts involve such a broad and complex range of human experiences, this Super Course spends a lot of time diving deep into the structure of the thoughts and feelings associated with them.
By understanding more about what your current experience is made of, you can begin to navigate that experience more successfully and, eventually, find your way out of it altogether. 

Part 1 of this special bundle provides an in depth approach to creating profound experiential transformations of any kind.

The ideas and assumptions that tend to be involved with sustained Central Self-Devaluations are so deeply embedded into the fabric of who we are that it often takes a great deal of self-exploration to identity them and root them out.

In Part 2, we’ll take the patterns and principles you learned in Part 1 and apply them directly to the project of deconstructing the specific experiences listed above.

How can you free yourself from the pain of deep and intense humiliation?
How can you cleanse yourself of the feeling of being sullied or stained by your own past actions or the actions of others?
How can you reclaim and regain and protect your sense of value and worth so that nothing can ever threaten or lessen or damage or steal it from you again?
How can you build a new sense of yourself and of who and what you are on a foundation that is so solid that no thing and no one could ever crack it?
In this course, we’ll share with you the answers to these questions that we have found most useful in our lives and in the lives of the people we’ve helped traverse and transform some of the most challenging life experiences imaginable.
This is about so much more than resolving a single Self-Devaluation Conflict...
It’s about retaking creative control over your past and reclaiming your power to create and experience the things you want most in this life, both here and now in the present and on into a new, brighter future consciously created by YOU rather than by the worst parts of your past.
Here’s just a sample of some of what you’ll learn in this Super Course:
  • The importance of understanding EXACTLY what’s bothering you and why when it comes to taking this experience apart and building a better one in its place.
  • Learning to pinpoint and respond resourcefully to those aspects of a situation that are most experientially relevant to you and for you at a given moment in time.
  • Making it so that there is no “last straw” that can cause you to devalue yourself by making yourself small.
  • A specific strategy for cultivating a new attitude and perspective when it comes to responding to life’s invitations to devalue yourself.
  • How the principle of “1% Different, 1% Better” can make it possible for you to do the impossible.
  • How you can respond resourcefully to unconscious patterns even when you are immersed in the experiential consequences of them.
  • How you can discover for yourself the role that you may be playing in creating some of the most unpleasant aspects of your experience...and how you can gently and lovingly persuade all aspects of yourself to do something new, different, and more resourceful.
  • The relationship between Understanding, Compassion, and Acceptance...and how you can use them to let go of what doesn’t serve you and embrace what will.

  • How everything, EVERYTHING, makes sense when you view it in the full context in which it is occurring...and how proving this to yourself can free and empower you to change your life in ways that will shock you.
  • Why curiosity liberates what condemnation enslaves...and how you can condition yourself to always choose freedom and love.
  • Why compassion doesn’t have anything to do with fake sweetness...and why you deserve to experience it most when it’s easiest not to.
  • Emotional Resistance: what it is, why we do it, how it hurts us, and how we can let it go.
  • Why having compassion for yourself is a prerequisite for having compassion for others...and how you can develop it.
  • Why everybody is always doing the best they can...and how you can make your best better.
  • How extending grace to yourself extends grace to your entire world.
  • Why bad experiences being understanding doesn’t mean they’re inevitable...and how understanding them can free you to experience them less.
  • The reason that there is nothing about your inner world that can not change...and how you can turn your potential to change into a reality by learning to fully and elegantly express it.
  • The connection between real, felt Responsibility, your ability to Respond Resourcefully when it counts the most, and creating the Desired Changes you want to see in your inner and outer worlds.
  • How your Self-Concept determines want it’s natural for you to think, feel, do, and create in your world...and how you can upgrade this Concept to upgrade your life.
  • A sequence of experiential shifts that will take you from wherever you are to wherever you want to be.
  • How you can apply the general principles you’ve learned to the specific “flavors” of experience that are often associated with Central Self-Devaluation Conflicts.
  • Why finding ways to positively change your experience of unpleasant past or present situations is about more than just coping with What Is...and how it can help you create What Can Be.
  • The difference between “deleting emails” and “unsubscribing from the list”...and how the latter may be your secret to moving on to bigger and better things.
  • Why creating a maximally resourceful experience of bad behavior or undesirable circumstances doesn’t mean condoning them or settling for them.
  • How to put yourself back together after being “shattered.”
  • How to avoid being shattered in the future.
  • How being willing to respond resourcefully to things that you (and nobody) should ever have to deal with is often the key to creating the resolutions and results that you desire and deserve.
  • Why a major aspect of Personal Freedom is having the ability to make sense out of doing what is going to serve me most...even (and often especially) when I shouldn’t have to.
  • How you can free yourself from the feeling that someone else’s unlovely behavior can reflect negatively upon or compromise your character and value.
  • Why, as a conscious being, it is your birthright to cultivate a capacity for consistently resourceful response to whatever happens in your life...and how you can go about doing this without the help or cooperation of anyone else.
  • How you can understand people, situations, and events even when you can’t stand them...and how doing so can free you up to generate more positive experiences and more useful responses to life.
  • How the ability to imagine things being other than they are is often the key to respond resourcefully to them as they are.
  • Why it often serves us most to understand those aspects of my experience and my life that I like the least...and how you can become willing to understand even the most objectionable aspects of your reality so you can free yourself from them.
  • How the ability to not do what you’re totally justified in doing is one of the foundations of personal freedom...and how cultivating your capacity for Conscious Choice is the key to developing this ability.
  • What it means to say that “Your enemies are in your own house”...and how you can clear them out and kick them to the curb.
  • The various forms of understanding...and which is going to allow you to finally start expressing the changes you want to see in your life.
  • The relationship between Awareness and Experiential Understanding and how these two things are the most important form of intelligence a person can possess.
  • Why Intellectual Understanding is only ever a framework and holding place for Experiential Understanding.
  • What do Dracula, Achilles, and The Titanic have to do with you?

  • How to survive and thrive in a world full of “stakes”, “arrows”, and “icebergs.”
  • How the strategy I developed for watching scary movies as a very young child can help you “ride the waves” of intense emotion rather than being torn asunder by them.
  • If you’re really as shattered as you feel...who is it that’s intact enough to feel as shattered as you do?
  • How Awareness of Awareness is the “emergency exit” through which you can escape any State of Consciousness and the experiences associated with it.
  • How learning the difference between the concept and the conceiver, the potter and the clay, can allow you to experience untold levels of personal freedom and power regardless of what is going on in your life.
  • What Terminator 2: Judgement Day can teach us about putting ourselves back together after an emotionally shattering experience.
  • Why, when you understand how the myth of the Phoenix applies to you, you’ll almost look forward to experiences that “shatter” your old Self-Concept.
  • What the snake’s ability to shed its skin has to do with you, your life, and the transformations that follow profound life experiences.
  • Why we’re living in a realm of “educative darkness”...and how you can use your physical and spiritual senses to feel your way to where you want to be.
  • Why you’re never too old or too young to grow...and how you can make growth a central component of every phase of your life.
  • How you can learn to experience your life as a grand adventure...even if it so far it has felt like anything but.
  • Some gory details about Steve’s numerous humiliating early life experiences...and how they can help you get over your fear of embarrassment.
  • How you can escape the “humiliation racket” and feel yourself to do your thing instead of worrying about what everybody else thinks about it.
  • How taking yourself too seriously makes you fragile...and how lightening up and limbering up can make life fun again (or for the first time.)
  • Why giving others the freedom to perceive and experience you as they will frees you from worrying about it.
  • Why Emotional Resistance of what you don’t want may be the thing that’s keeping what you don’t want around...and how you can get rid of the latter by releasing the former.
  • How to train yourself to release Emotional Resistance before you even start resisting.
  • The power of conscious, resourceful Meaning Assignment...and now you can take charge of the Meanings affecting your life.
  • The difference between the “Pattern Level” and the “Content Level” of your experience...and why addressing the right level at the right time is an essential skill you can’t afford to not possess.
  • How you can let go of and transcend feelings of having been debased or degraded by the actions of another person.
  • Why your basic value, worth, and “purity” can never be compromised or lowered or lost.
  • Why you are the only being in this world that can devalue you...and how you can discipline yourself to never devalue yourself again.
  • A practical guide to understanding and consciously directing the power of “I Am.”

  • How you can take control of the feeling that you’ve been “stabbed in the back.”
  • Ways to explain other people’s backstabbing behavior that doesn’t require you to conclude bad-feeling things about them or about yourself.
  • Why every behavior is merely an expression of the State of Consciousness the person was in when they engaged in it...and now this understanding can free you from the burden of blame.
  • Why their betrayal has nothing to do with you...and how your experience of their betrayal has everything to do with you.
  • How you can incorporate even the worst betrayal into your personal story of redemption and success.
  • Why you don’t need to concern yourself with seeking revenge...and how everybody always gets exactly what’s coming to them.
  • How this psychological interpretation of ancient scriptures can help you apply old wisdom in a new way.

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