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Are you always dealing with colds or sinus issues?


Do you often or are you currently dealing with a situation in your life that makes you say “This stinks!”


Are you interested in learning about the German New Medicine perspective on how the way you feel about what’s going on in your life can contribute to the symptoms of the “common cold”?


In this Course, you’ll learn all about “Stink Conflicts.”


These Conflicts occur as a result of situations that, well, STINK.

Unlike your other senses, smell bypasses the “thinking brain” and goes straight to the “feeling brain.”
That’s why smell can be so powerfully evocative...
And and what situations that stink (either literally or figuratively) can have such a powerful emotional and even physical effect upon you.
To understand the power that smell has over your experience, think about the difference between seeing an image of an extremely stinky scene...
And actually walking into one in reality.
A picture maybe worth a thousand words...
But a smell is word a million.
It something to see a picture of rotten food...
It’s quite another to get a nose full of it.
Sometimes in life things happen that bypass our normal processing strategies and go straight to the emotional heart of the matter.
Haven’t you ever accidentally deeply inhaled an absolutely disgusting odor?
Doesn’t it hit closer to home than even the most shocking image or sound?
And haven’t you ever experienced something in your life that “stunk” in a less literal way...
But that was similarly upsetting?
This Module is going to teach you how to deal with THAT.

Literal Stink Conflicts can occur for a number of reasons:


  • “The Smell Of Danger.”

  • “Offending Odors.”

  • “Unwanted Smells.”

  • “Missing A Smell.”


Metaphorical Stink Conflicts are related to:


  • “Annoyance/Frustration/Inconvenience.”

  • “I Smell A Rat!”


If you’re currently experiencing any of these things...


Or if your life causes you to frequently encounter situations that may lead to them...


Or if you want practical strategies for experiencing and responding to these situations more effectively...


Or if you’re interested in the GNM perspective on the cause of and cure for the symptoms of the “common cold”...


Then this Module is for you!

In it you’ll learn:

  • How you can use your “conscious mind” to respond resourcefully to (not resist or attempt to control) your “emotional mind.”
  • Why denying and resisting your instinctual reactions doesn’t work...and what you can do instead.
  • How what you think about how you feel can determine a lot about how you feel next...and the thoughts that work best when you aren’t feeling good.
  • How to deal with the experiences that come with smelling offensive or “low-key toxic” odors without making things worse, freaking yourself out and causing a Conflict.
  • What you can do to reframe situations and circumstances that just plain stink...so you can suffer less and respond more resourcefully and maximize your chances of changing them for the better.
  • How to make good choices and stay usefully engaged with situations after the “this stinks” part of you is “done.”
  • What you can do to avoid being negatively affected by the feeling that somebody is up to no good, getting away with something they shouldn’t, or otherwise being a “rat.”
  • Are you “smelling rats” because you’re surrounded by them...or because past experiences have caused you to “smell” things that aren’t actually there?
  • How cynicism and suspicion can become ways of life that negatively impact even your most important relationships...and what you can do to replace these habits with new, more resourceful ones.
  • How Awareness can allow you to influence deeply ingrained biological responses that most people can’t control.
  • How noticing reactions that don’t serve you can create more positive change faster and more easily than resisting these reactions.
  • How letting a situation be okay...and letting your not-okay reactions to it be okay...is often the best way to feel better and get more of what you want.
  • Strategies to “emotionally merge” and escape the roundabouts of negative experience that so many get caught up in.
  • Ways that you can transform unresourceful emotional impulses so you can control your inner state and your outer behavior to shape reality in the ways you want.
  • How you can honor and benefit from your intuition without falling victim to it.
  • Why focusing my intention upon responding resourcefully to whatever has my attention is always the key to successfully and peacefully moving away from what I don’t want and towards what I do.
  • Maybe it isn’t your situation that stinks to your...maybe it’s your own unconscious, internal processes that are creating an experiential odor that you don't like.
  • How cognitive filters color and shape our experience of what’s happening...and how you can optimize these filters to “purify” even the most unpleasant of life circumstances.



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