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This Course Bundle covers the causes of and solutions for the Biological Conflicts which, according to German New Medicine, can affect the thyroid gland in various ways.

If you’re interested in learning about practical solutions to Conflicts recognized by GNM as causing thyroid problems, this Module is for you. It’s also for you if you are interested in mastering your mind and training yourself to resolve the following emotional challenges and life problems:

Feeling Too Slow Conflicts are associated with life experiences that cause you to feel that you are (or we’re) “too slow” to escape an unwanted situation or take advantage of a desirable opportunity.
Have you ever felt like you “missed the bus”, like the “train has left the station”, like “your ship has sailed”, etc?
Have you ever been deeply upset by missing out on what you saw as a rare or wonderful or even “once in a lifetime” personal, romantic, financial, or life experience opportunity?
Or perhaps you often feel that you aren’t able to move quickly enough to keep up with the demands of your current situation(s)?
Feeling Powerless Conflicts usually occurs when you’re faced with an overwhelming and undesirable challenge that you feel totally unprepared to handle.
Are you currently, do you often, or have you ever found yourself feeling as though you must doing something about something about which you could do nothing?
Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the sensation that you are obligated or expected to do the impossible?
Have you ever felt felt crushed and victimized by and helpless in the face of things that you couldn’t do anything about?
In this course, you’ll learn some powerful intrapersonal strategies for transforming your experience of powerlessness...
To tap into the boundless personal power that you have by becoming Aware of and deconstructing the unconscious patterns that cause you to feel powerless.
Finally, we’ll cover Frontal Fear Conflicts, which relate to fear regarding something “coming at you”...
Either something threatening approaching you in physical space (like an attacker)...
Or something scary or unknown or worrisome that’s awaiting you in the future and “coming at you” through time.
In these video sessions and notes we share with you shifts in your thinking and experiencing that can allow you to transcend the assumptions and ideas that these problems are made of...
So that you can break old patterns of thinking and feeling and being that aren’t serving you and start trying on new ways of relating and responding to both your internal and your external realities.
Although we address a wide variety of different Conflicts and the causes of them in this course, at the end of the day all of the material presented here is about discovering and developing and leveraging your own Personal Power.
Personal Power is made of Awareness...
And it is the key prerequisite for Resourceful Response.
The wonderful and liberating truth is that you don’t need a reality other than the one you’re currently facing...
What you need is the ability to tap into, activate, and usefully direct your Personal Power towards perceiving and experiencing and interacting with this reality in new and more useful ways.
The reality is that you are up to the challenges and opportunities confronting you in this life...
And that you’re also up to the task of breaking the habitual molds that have ruled your past so that you can build new and more enriching experiences of these challenges and opportunities.

Here’s a Preview of Some of What You’ll Learn When You Enroll in this course:

  • How, exactly, do you allow yourself to feel that you’re too slow?
  • Is feeling too slow an isolated aspect of your “Self-Concept”...or is it part of a broader theme of being “Not Okay”?
  • Why, according to GNM, does the body react to the various thyroid-related Conflicts in the ways that it does...and what clues do these reactions provide us regarding how we can resolve them?
  • The role that your Emotional Threshold plays in making you more susceptible to Conflicts...and what you can do to raise this Threshold to live a happier and a healthier life.
  • The two main “themes” that most “Feeling Too Slow” Conflicts tend to follow...and what you can do to address either or both.
  • How, when considered biologically, human beings are essentially “tubes” that take things in, push things out, and produce new generations of tubes that do the same...and what this characteristic of human biology can tell us about our body and how it “thinks.”
  • How our biology, psychology, and even spiritually revolve around the same basic ideas and priorities...and now understanding and embracing these can lead to a happier, less stressful, more peaceful, and more fulfilling life.
  • How to tell whether you’re feeling too slow because of something specific or because feeling this way is a part of your “Life Script”.
  • Your “Existential Position” and how this can cause you to look for (and even create) reasons to feel “Not Okay.”
  • The four basic Existential Positions and how to determine which one you’re currently occupying.
  • How the entire course of your life can be programmed (and possibly derailed) by significant early life events...and what you can do to fix this.
  • How you can tell whether what has happened is determining your Life Script...or whether your Life Script determines what happened.
  • The power of Permission...and how you can give yourself Permission to leave behind what doesn’t serve you so can you embrace what does.
  • The difference between merely surviving and truly thriving...and how you can become a thriver regardless of what has happened in your life to date.
  • How to “aim your brain” in a new and better direction so that it can carry your body and your behavior and your life in the direction of what you want.
  • How Permission to Thrive unlocks your Ability to thrive.
  • The “Three I’s” that are blocking your ability to express your creative power...and what you can do to blast through them and into the life you want.
  • How you can unweave and deconstruct patterns of perception that are not serving you so you can see through the life you have and see to the life you want.
  • How emphasizing passion over practicality is actually the most practical way to live a worthwhile life.
  • The difference between having bugs in your “mental software” and having features that are designed to create negative outcomes...and what you can do to address both of these problems.
  • The difference between having bad strategies and bad patterns, what to do about each and in what order.
  • How you can “reprogram” your unconscious patterns so that it becomes easy and natural to think and feel and do what serves you.
  • How to tell the difference between who you really are and who you’ve been taught and trained and conditioned and programmed to believe and pretend that you are.
  • The ultimate “Spell-Breaker” to escape your Life Script and live the life you want on your terms.
  • How you can rearrange your mind so that you “attract” the things you want in life rather than having to rush around attempting to catch them.
  • The essential presuppositions that make Feeling Too Conflicts possible...and how to rid yourself of them.
  • The presuppositional building blocks of a healthy and happy relationship to time and speed.
  • Why feeling slow slows you down...and how worrying less and feeling good more of the time can actually help you speed up and get more done.
  • Why good feeling emotional sensations are a more powerful and more sustainable and “cleaner burning” fuel to power your experience.
  • The difference between “winner thoughts” and “loser thoughts.”
  • How replacing retroactive negativity with productivity positivity to make you feel freer, lighter, more energized and motivated.
  • How the concept of “Einstein Time” can free your mind by changing your relationship to and experience of time.
  • How we make “false gods” out of the things we complain about...and how renouncing the habit allows us to reclaim our power.
  • Why unhealthy ideas about competition can interfere with your ability to compete.
  • How time can become a source of comfort and security for you rather than something that is chasing or oppressing you.
  • How worrying about time is a habit like any other...and how you can learn to recognize it for what it is and make a conscious choice to let it go.
  • How you can shed the patterns and programs of your past to become a “Real Person.”
  • True Autonomy...what it is, what gets in the way of it, and how you can develop it regardless of your past, your present, or the obstacles you’ll face in the future. 
  • How Frontal Fear Conflicts can relate to things approaching you physically or things coming at you through time.
  • Why the problem isn’t necessarily having a Conflict but rather failing to resolve it in a timely manner.
  • How the fear that something bad might happen again can prevent you from addressing what definitely is happening...and what you can do to escape this double bind.
  • How training yourself to recognize the components of your experience can allow you to deconstruct experiences that may be keeping you conflicted.
  • Why fearing fear tends to feed the fear your feeling...and how you can starve emotions that aren’t serving you.
  • How realizing that what you think you’re afraid of often isn’t what you’re actually afraid of...and how recognizing this frees you from both fears.
  • The “Magic Question” that turns you into a resourceful responder who fears nothing and deals with everything.
  • Why your “lizard brain” doesn’t care about how unpleasant worrying is for you...and how you can persuade this part that you don’t have to be stressed in order to be safe.
  • How what I’m doing now is actually what’s causing m anxiety about the future...and now I can do things differently now that will change how I feel about things that are going to happen later.
  • The real secret to becoming who you’d like to be: being nicer to who you are!
  • The secret to shutting up the “But what if...?” voice that persuades you to worry unproductively.
  • How to install new voices in your head that make you feel good about the present and excited about the future.
  • Why defying logic with unreasonably resourceful response is one of the highest forms of Personal Power...and how you can attain it for yourself.
  • The key to freeing yourself from the urge to worry about what the future holds.
  • How to take creative control over What It’s Like To Be You and place yourself in charge of your experience.
  • The direct relationship between Awareness, Responsibility, and Personal Power.
  • The basic building block of Personal Power...and how you can have more of it in your life.
  • The simple secret to easily and naturally making better choices about what you’re going to think, feel, and do.
  • The key to making life something that you do rather than something that “just happens” to you.
  • The four key components of Awareness...and how you can develop each.
  • Powerlessness as a Life Event vs. Powerlessness as a Life Style...and how you can break the habit of feeling powerless.
  • How you can use Self-Observation to perform an honest Inventory of Self to discovery how you may be creating much about what’s troubling you.
  • How your Self-Concept may be playing into a Life Script of powerlessness.
  • Why accepting life and the world’s invitations to feel powerless often serves you least when you’re most justified in doing so.
  • How changing your experience of reality goes hand in hand with changing reality itself...and how you can undertake both of these projects simultaneously.
  • Why you don’t have to be complacent to emotionally accept a situation...and how acceptance of What It frees you to create What Can Be.
  • Why “taking action” to change your life can feel like running on a hamster wheel...and how you can make your efforts more meaningful and effective.
  • How to tell when you’re acting from impulse...and ways to direct your mental and physical energy more resourcefully.
  • Why my Self-Concept determines the outcome of my actions as much as the actions themselves.
  • The two primary sources of powerlessness experiences...and what you can do about both.
  • Why the idea that you should be other than you are can prevent you from becoming who and want you want to be...and how you can accept yourself into the change you desire.
  • How focusing on what you can’t do prevents you from doing what you can...and how focusing on what you can do often leads to being able to do the things you “can’t.”
  • Why the ultimate secret to never feeling powerless again is finding out who you really are.
  • A practical guide to deconstruct your experience of helplessness.
  • How honing your ability to distinguish between reality and your experience of it is the beginning of gaining more control over both.
  • The three ways that people make themselves feel bad about their best...and why this doesn’t work.
  • How operating resourcefully within my current “sphere of influence” expands the depth and breadth of this sphere.
  • How to convince yourself to let go of things that don’t work so you can move forward and try new things.
  • A three step process to improve your experience, change your behavior, and transform your reality.
  • How Awareness leads to automatic improvements in What It’s Like To Be You.
  • Why feeling powerless is actually a wonderful opportunity to discover and experience and express your power...and how you can recognize this opportunity when it serves you most to do so.

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