This Course is All About Helping You Resolve Territorial Marking Conflicts...

and this means addressing several very common issues including:

  • Fear of confrontation 
  • Other people’s boundary-violating behavior 
  • The ways in which your own boundary issues can make you vulnerable to the boundary issues of others
  • How to deal with difficult situations in which your time or physical space is shared with others
  • Territorial and boundary issues that can arise in the workplace
  • Establishing and maintaining healthy boundaries with your friends and family members...including your kids
  • Jealousy issues and the ways in which they can cause us to suffer over our partner’s relationships
In German New Medicine, Territorial Marking Conflicts are associated with urinary tract issues which, according to GNM, are the manifestation of a Special Biological Program intended to help the organism (that’s you!) better “mark their territory.”
Interestingly, Territorial Marking Conflicts typically manifest in one of two types, one classically “male” in nature and the other classically “female.”
The male Territorial Marking Conflict is associated with a violation of “outer boundaries”, or invasions of one’s physical or metaphorical territory that occur along its outer perimeter.
The female Territorial Marking Conflict, in contrast, is associated with “inner boundaries” and usually involves boundary violations that occur from within one’s physical or metaphorical space (also related to an Identity Conflict).

What's Included in This Course?

Training Videos

This course has 3.2 hours of training videos. MP3 downloads of the audio are also available for listening on the go.


The notepack for this course is 46 pages long and deconstructs the essence of Territorial Marking Conflicts and practical steps for resolving them.


A 22 page workbook with journaling prompts will help guide you as you put these ideas into action in your own life experience.

Guided Meditation

This course includes the 10 minute "Totally Okay" guided meditation that is designed to help you relax and fill you with confidence.

  • You’re experiencing (or have ever experienced) urinary tract issues and are interested in learning more about the German New Medicine perspective on this inconvenient and uncomfortable physical symptom...
  • You know you have boundary issues...
  • You don’t feel equipped to handle boundary violations well when they occur...
  • You feel that you may be unconsciously and unintentionally attracting boundary violators and inviting them in...
  • You have to deal with difficult, overbearing, oblivious, or inconsiderate people...
  • You’re in a situation in which perceived or actual violations of your territory are a high probability event...
  • A fear of or aversion to confrontation is interfering with your ability to communicate your feelings and create what you want.
This Module is packed with very practical and incredibly powerful ideas and strategies for improving your experience, creating confidence, and empowering you to address and change what needs to be changed while feeling better and responding more resourcefully to everything else.

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