It’s NEVER Personal (Even When It Is)

Uncategorized Nov 19, 2018
If someone has what’s often referred to as “a personal problem” with me or my work or something I’m doing...
To what degree are they in conscious control of the confluence of factors that are giving rise to this situation...
And to what degree do these factors have anything to do with me?
Taken together, these two questions make up the crux of the whole problem of someone having a problem with me...
And finding a resourceful answer to each of them is the emergency exit through which I can escape the state in which I make their problem my problem by deciding (consciously or not) to have a problem with the fact that they experience themselves as having a problem with me*.
[*Of course, in reality, I don’t have problems with people and people don’t have problems with me.
I can, however, have problems with my experiences of people and people can have problems with their experiences of me and I can have...
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Overcoming Bullshit, Thinking vs. Feeling, Sleepless in Seattle, Other Important Stuff

Uncategorized Jun 29, 2018

Actual limitations can always be overcome.

Every real adversity carries with it the seed of greater benefit.

It's the made-up limitations that'll get you.

You can't overcome an obstacle that isn't there.

You can't climb a mountain that doesn't exist.

Think about that.

Climbing Mt. Everest seems pretty tough.

People die trying to do it.

Yet many people have done it, some more than once.

And your chances of successful scaling Mt. Everest are a hell of a lot higher than your chances of scaling Mt. Bullshit or Mt. Vaguely Defined Made Up Reason That I'm Not Worthy of The Things I Want.


Because Mt. Everest is real.

You can climb a wall.

You can climb a flight of stairs.

You can't climb fog.

You can't always see through it, either.

But what you CAN do is recognize that it’s fucking fog and WALK THROUGH IT.

You can easily dispel the belief, the idea, the thought that you can’t do or have something or that you aren’t worthy of doing or having something with the...

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The Story of Mr. VentFace and Pattern Recognition

Uncategorized Jun 20, 2018

So there’s this great vent in the delightfully rustic little A-Frame cabin Melissa and I are staying in, and yesterday she pointed out to me that it looks like a face.

I saw exactly what she was talking about before she even finished describing it to me, and now every time I walk past the vent I see this hilariously plaintive looking guy staring vacantly back at me.

What interests me most about this is that, once Melissa pointed it out to me, I can’t help but see this face whenever I happen to glance at the vent.

I walked past it plenty of times before and never noticed the face, but once the Pattern was pointed out to me, once I was made Aware of it, once I had really SEEN it (v.s. merely “looking at it”), it became impossible for me to not see it.

One thing I’ve learned over the past several years is that any time something amusing happens, there is a useful insight hiding nearby and wanting to be discovered.

Personal experience suggests that the...

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