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This Module covers the causes of and solutions to Conflicts related to:

The emotional challenges associated with the “Water Retention Conflicts” are broad and complex...
And as a result, this course is unique in both the depth and breadth of the ideas and information presented.
Although Existence Conflicts are also associated with water retention, the steps involved with resolving this family of Conflicts is so extensive that they are covered in stand alone EXISTENCE CONFLICT COURSE.
The challenge here is not simply to present you with the German New Medicine perspective on how these experiences can affect the body...
More importantly, we also want to provide you with real, life changing access to new ideas, new perspectives and new attitudes that will allow you to actually take these experiences apart and build something new and wonderful in their place.

This is what really makes the Resolve courses so unique:

Someone tells you that this or that emotional trauma causes or contributes to this or that set of physical symptoms...
But unless you are provided with some way of addressing that trauma and transcending the experiential echos associated with it...
Of what use is this knowledge for mental, emotional, and physical healing?
This Course is all about providing you with practical and personal solutions to the human challenges of abandonment, existential uncertainty, feeling displaced/like a refugee, and feeling isolated.
What do you do when you are conflicted over feeling abandoned by your parents, your partner, your friends or social group, your colleagues, society, etc?
How can you become aware of the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that abandonment can create...
And how can you move beyond them so that you can accept the past you have and embrace the future that you want?
Perhaps you’ve been displaced in some way that makes you feel like a literal or metaphorical refugee:
Has some change in circumstance (financial, divorce, change of job or position, etc.) forced you out of your familiar surroundings and into unknown territory?
Are you feeling displaced or evicted from your home or “base”?
How can you make a new home whenever you are so that you can feel safe, secure, and firmly rooted amidst the ever-changing and often unpredictable events of life?
And how can you find comfort when your personal situation, job, physical location or health status has resulted in you feeling isolated and cut off from your friends, family, or the world?

How can you let your current situation be emotionally okay so that you can heal?

And how can you find a powerful peace in solitude that will make being alone less scary and being with others more enriching and rewarding?
This Course is all about addressing these challenges in an honest, straightforward, practical, and head-on way so that you can rise to a new, freer, and more powerful level of consciousness and personal experience by responding more resourcefully to the level at which you’re currently operating.
Rather than fearing or resisting or avoiding your current challenges...
You can discover the courage necessary or use these challenges to move towards, create, and attract the things that you want most in this life.

Here’s just a sample of some specifics you’ll learn when you enroll:

  • The biological reason that Abandonment, Existence, Refugee, and Isolation Conflicts lead to water retention...and what this tells us about how to resolve them.
  • The relationship between fluid and health and survival.
  • Why these Conflicts tend to be more long term or “chronic” in nature, how they can turn into experiential “habits”, and how these habits can be broken.
  • What “psychological water” is and how you can ensure that you never run out of it.
  • Why “strokes” are an essential component of psychological and physical wellbeing.
  • Why an aware human being can choose whether they’re going to be a “fish out of water” or not...and how you can use your mind to change reality by first changing your perception and experience of it.
  • How emotional acceptance of a given situation is actually an essential prerequisite for changing it.
  • How the social matrix in which we live both physically and psychologically is a kind of water we depend upon to survive...and what to do when this matrix dries up.
  • Why the loss of anything that becomes important to us and our emotional wellbeing is treated by the body as a “fish out of water” Conflict...and how you can use your mind to modulate the body’s response to these losses.
  • Why abandonment doesn’t have to be literal or physical and how things like rejection, exclusion, and being misunderstood or not understood can be interpreted by the body as a form of abandonment.
  • Why realizing that what you experience as true at a given moment in time is often more relevant than what is true in that moment...and how you can use Awareness to consciously choose what you’re going to experience as true.
  • Why the expression of an emotion (or the lack thereof) is not always a reliable indication of that emotion’s presence.
  • The basic unresourceful beliefs that form the foundation of Abandonment Conflicts...and how you can rid yourself of them.
  • Why your Self-Concept determines whether and to what extent you’re able to suffer from Abandonment Conflicts...and how you can build a bulletproof Concept of Self so that you will never feel abandoned or alone.
  • The four types of Abandonment Conflicts...and how to recognize and resolve each.
  • Why mistaking giving away your personal power for intimacy sets you up to feel abandoned...whether they abandoned you or not.
  • Five Powerful Questions you can ask yourself to undermine any experience that isn’t serving you.
  • How you can successfully deal with the feelings of isolation that come with giving up the belief systems common to your friends and/or family.
  • How to let it be emotionally okay when others don’t join or support you in your beliefs or choices.
  • How you can incorporate the memory of a lost loved one into life after their death...and what doing this is actually one of the best ways to continue to love them in an enriching way.
  • Why having the ability to deliberately decline life’s “invitations” is one of the most meaningful forms of personal power...and what you can do to develop it.
  • How you can plant the seeds of positive change into the soil of your mind...and how you can keep yourself from digging them up again before they have a chance to grow.

  • Why metaphorical Refugee Conflicts aren’t necessarily any less traumatic than literal/physical ones...and how you can resolve either.
  • Why the idea of “first world problems” is an unhelpful invalidation of individual experience...and a more useful way to think about and respond to intense emotional experiences of relatively minor life difficulties.
  • Why the “refugee experience” is not necessarily something that happens to us but rather something that we do...and how we can learn to respond more resourcefully to even the most challenging life circumstances.
  • How your very own Awareness of Being is the one shelter from which you can never be evicted...and how you can find comfort and security in this existential womb regardless of what is happening in the world around you.

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