Conflict Resolution is a Lifestyle. 


Understand Your

Awareness and Self-Understanding is Everything. The first step to Resolving a Conflict is Understanding What it is made out of.

Resolve Your

Get to Know How Your Mind Works so You Can Rewire Your Neurology to Create New, More Empowering Experiences of the Past and Present.


We Live in a World of Constant Change.  Going From Surviving to Thriving Means Increasing Mental Flexibility and Cultivating Unconditional Peace of Mind.

What is The RESOLVE Method?

German New Medicine + Ever Better Thought Technology

Once you learn the mind-blowing, paradigm shifting German New Medicine basic premise that all health symptoms are initiated by Conflict Shocks, the next logical question is NOW WHAT?

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Now that you have learned that all of your aches, pains, sinus issues, headaches, sicknesses, “diseases”, and diagnoses are the intentional tissue adaptions of the Conflict Active Phase or the tissue restoration of the Healing Phase, how the heck do you cooperate with this whole process, downgrade the intensity, and eventually Resolve the Conflict entirely?

The RESOLVE Method.

The Resolve Method is a revolutionary, 6-step systematic approach to regaining and maintaining control of your health by ascending to new levels of mental, emotional, and psychological wellbeing.

Based upon the discoveries of German New Medicine, this method takes Dr. Hamer’s discovery of the connection between Biological Conflicts and resulting tissue adaptation to its logical, practical conclusion.


By empowering you with mental and experiential technologies that allow you to RESOLVE current Conflicts and prevent others before they happen!

By discovering the direct connection between your subjective experience as a conscious being, the Conflicts you are experiencing, and the symptoms your body is expressing, you EMPOWER yourself to take conscious control of both your personal experience and your individual healing process.

In this paradigm, training yourself to consciously and intentionally create your perception and your experience of yourself, other people, and the world around you is the only effective means of prevention.

The Resolve Community is a resource-rich, personal and practical empowerment hub that equips you with the knowledge and skills you need to respond resourcefully to your health challenges by developing a deep, harmonious connection between mind and body.

What's more, because improving your health is all about improving your subjective experience or “What It Is Like To Be You”, the things you will learn here will positively impact literally every area of your life.

Ultimately, the Resolve Method is all about:

  • Getting to Know Yourself
  • Understanding Your Symptoms
  • Resolving Their Cause
  • Learning to TRUST your Body 
  • Taking Charge of Your Health and Life
  • Graduating From Merely Surviving to Fully Thriving!

What is Included in The RESOLVE Membership?

Training Video

Each Month Will Have a Training Video Where We Explore the Nuances of Each Conflict.


The Notes Will Help Deepen Your Understanding of the Conflict Being Discussed That Month.


The Workbook Provides Specific Journaling Prompts to Help You Become Aware of How the Conflict is Operating in Your Mind.

Guided Meditation

These Uniquely Crafted GNM Inspired Guided Meditation Tracks Will Set Your Mind at Ease and Help You Enter the Healing Phase.

How Does it Work?

The RESOLVE Community is Your Conflict Resolution Resource Center. For a Monthly Membership Fee You Have Access to ALL of the RESOLVE Resources.

    • Each month we will take DEEP DIVE into a specific Conflict Theme.
    • You'll learn the Anatomy of the Conflict AND discover the sneaky ways these Conflicts can stay active in your mind even when it seems like you've resolved them, and what you can do REALLY be done with them for good.
    • Develop and refine your innate capacity for CONSCIOUS AWARENESS which will illuminate the unseen thought processes that have been running the show of your life and keeping your Conflicts alive.
    • Each month brings a new webinar presentation, a workbook with journaling exercises and guiding Thoughts of the Day, and a powerful, experience-shifting guided meditation to change your creative process in profoundly positive ways at a deep, other-than-conscious level.
    • The Resolve Method is specifically engineered to help you take conscious control of what you see, feel, and experience in your life.

If you have the desire to be well, to know yourself at a deeper level, and to get to the bottom of your Conflicts, this program was made for you!

People LOVE the RESOLVE Program:

>Bonus Modules<

Awareness Challenge

This challenge will walk  you through the basics of developing Conscious Awareness. This challenge alone is worth the entire membership and you get it for FREE!

GNM Music

Free Bonus! 1 hour long looped track of Dr. Hamer's Lullaby. Use this music to help you break out of a Hanging Healing and support the healing phase!

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You Will Receive the Most Cutting Edge Thought Technology Specifically Designed to Help You Resolve Conflicts From the German New Medicine Perspective.

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Monthly Workbook

Guided Meditation

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One Monthly Live Workshop with Hot Seat Conflict Resolution Coaching

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